Editing Title or Description Feature Parity

HaramDingoHaramDingo ✭✭
edited November 2019 in App Feedback

One feature parity that heavily assisted me in making the right edits while referring to a portal's photo in Redacted is that the photo of the portal appeared above the text box. This made it easier to determine what I was editing, especially if the portal photo had information or being able to better describe the portal.

There's a video on YouTube about how editing portals used to look like in Redacted. The photo was above the text box, and when you submitted the edit, you didn't have to wait that couple of seconds to have it go through with a box saying "Thank you for your submission." Rather it just said "Your Portal Description/Title has been submitted for review." and then sends it off in the background immediately.

It was a streamlined process that didn't wait for anything, and I would strongly like to see both portal edits, photos and submissions be relegated to the background once you hit submit instead of having to wait for it to complete, or rather time out. But yes, the portal photo on top while making changes would be absolutely appreciated and useful.

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