Regional Pricing for Anomaly Tickets

Dear Niantic

I totally understand the need for charging for tickets for anomaly badges going forward. The game costs money and we need to find a way to make sure it doesn't go away because the cost to keep it became too unbearable for the company.

However, I do ask you to consider the purchasing power of the countries you hold your events in. 1 US dollar in the USA may be worth much more in another country than in the USA. As such, I propose you have regional pricing to cater for this difference in purchasing power so that more agents from the selected host country can participate in the event held at their home.

For example, if you charge 15 USD for an anomaly in the USA, you should charge 5 USD for the same anomaly you hold say in Malaysia or India to compensate for the ability of those agents to buy the ticket. If however this is disagreeable to you, then I suggest you lower the ticket price overall to a more affordable price point for agents from the rest of the world (I'm still suggesting 5 USD).

We hope for you to continue to be sustainable, but for us to do so we need to be financially able as well.

Thanks for listening.


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