Purple is a bad color scheme because of how the human eye ages

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Lookie here! Old folk saying the game sucks because everything is washed out?

New folks saying to quit complaining because the colors are obviously way overblown?

Turns out that the human cornea takes on a YELLOW tint as it ages. Do any photographers know what color a yellow filter cuts out? The contrasting color, purple, is filtered out by a yellow filter.

@NianticBrian if you've been wondering why so many long-time players are STILL expressing so much nostalgia for the now-impossible Redacted, and are STILL expressing so much distaste for Prime, perhaps the purple issue, and the greater use of purple in Ingress prime is part of the problem.

Well... the purple issue, and others. Such as that chromatic abberation issue.

I suggest that future versions of the game might want to move away from using so much purple.

Perhaps we could admit certain features to achieve some limited visual parity with classic Ingress... for example....

*XM bar could be green, or blue to match faction, as it used to be.

*XM could be white instead of purple, as it used to be.

* to help differntiate white XM from white portals, the XM could drift, as it used to. You might borrow coding for that from the "cloudy" weather sprites in Pokemon Go.

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    Fully agree on that. There recently was a topic which discussed absolute breaking of W3C accessibility guidelines by Prime. Yet there's nothing they came up with. I myself created 2 topics on contrast issues here, still no response whatsoever. We need to push this even harder so they hear us eventually.

  • *push*

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