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A friend of mine had his waypoint approved through Pokemon GO. He had me check on the status of it on Ingress (intel) and I don't see it. Nothing on PoGO either. It was approved about 2 days ago and still hasn't been reflected.

There is a nearby portal but they seem far enough to exist together.

Approximate coordinates of approved waypoint: 14.615444,121.115994

(also if you submit waypoints too close to something else, they do tell you right? and they get rejected)

(to add, checked with the s2 cells, they are on different level 19 s2 cells)



  • XQlusioNXQlusioN ✭✭✭✭✭

    That's less than 20m.

    Sadly, only submits from Ingress get a rejection mail stating it's too close.

    Pogo submits get a generic accepted mail although it isn't really.

  • In addition to the S2 cell rules, they also have to be 20m apart. Ingress includes a mention of it being too close in the email, though perhaps PoGo's comment on how not all accepted submissions will make it into the game due to proximity rules covers that.

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    “they do tell you right? and they get rejected”

    Not if you submitted through PoGo. You get the same generic ‘accepted’ email but it doesn’t go live in any games.

    “checked with the s2 cells, they are on different level 19 s2 cells”

    Ingress doesn’t use L19 cells for proximity checks, it uses a 20 metre distance.

  • Ahhh I understand it now. Thanks everyone!

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