How do I get this submission to finally go into voting?

I have submitted a church 5 times and it still hasn't gone into voting. The first submission was May 7. They have all been upgraded but still not in voting. Why?


  • KaleidoKaleido ✭✭
    edited November 2019

    Oh boy. Okay, first, don't submit things more than once -- you're just increasing the work people will have to do to mark them all as duplicates later.

    Second, it seems to be that if something else that shares some level of S2 cell with your submission (not sure the exact S2 level, maybe L15~L17 somewhere) is still in voting, it has to progress to a decision before your church can go to in voting also.

    By that same logic not a single one of your submissions of the same church will ever progress to in voting if they're all being blocked by a pending decision in that same boundary.

    Edit: Just occurred to me also that it's possible the church has already asked Niantic to remove waypoints on their property. I'm not sure, but it's possible this causes submissions to go into a black hole that never get voted on, also.

  • Nothing else in the cell. I actually talked to the pastor and he had no problem.

  • They were all submitted before wayfarer so you couldn’t see if they were in the system. I didn’t get emails for a couple times so. Oh well. I think it will never get into voting.

  • oscarc1oscarc1 ✭✭✭✭

    I submitted two nominations back in May, they were soon upgraded in June, however they never processed. Unlike the 60 other upgrades I had since.

    Once Wayfarer was released I could see that those two were still "In Queue" and had the "Upgraded" tag.

    I waited a few weeks and contacted Niantic Support. Knowing they have manually bumped nominations up the queue before. I asked them to look into it and after a few weeks of back and forth (explaining what an upgrade is to Niantic), the status of the two nominations magically changed to In Voting.

    Then Wayfarer was released to PoGo players and my entire backlog (over 50 nominations) has been processed except those two nominations. So they still seem stuck, and I can't do anything about it now either.

    So, you can try contacting Niantic Support and see if they can help you. Good luck getting past the initial 10 generic responses they provide.

  • Is it possible not this church, but another nearby property asked for POIs to be removed there? It used to be a known issue that this would cause other objects submitted nearby (not necessarily on the same property) to also go into the black hole/limbo.

  • The blocking theory isn’t correct as a general rule and I f there’s anything to it, it’s not straightforward.

    I have a few counterexamples. In one case I recently had a submission in voting that was taking a while and seemed controversial based on the number of views its very remote photosphere was getting relative to other photospheres 50 or fewer meters away. 

    So I applied an upgrade to a nearby (45-50 m away) submission (a nice trailhead marker) that was in queue. Within a few hours it switched to in voting and was accepted with 36 hours of the upgrade. The original in voting submission finally was accepted several weeks later. 

    (There were other submissions in the immediate area that were also approved before the controversial one was.)

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