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Since IGN is pulled over, can faction, level (and if it applies recurse status) be shown in our profiles? This would be something helpful in getting to know who you are talking to.

Additionally so would having our yearly badges. But that would just be extra.


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  • DGaleanoDGaleano ✭✭✭

    That would be great Good suggestion

    A good model for this idea is what in Reddit is called Flair and there it is optional.

  • If it's optional, it would be a great idea!

    Those that want to show their faction and/or level should be able to do so.

  • @nia_casey following up, would it ever be possible when creating posts to have the option to make the post visible for only one faction? For example around half the posts in the recruitment section would only be applicable to one faction (except x-fac posts). That way group join-links can be shared and discussions can be had more freely.

    Also if you were to implement it I think that faction/level should be pulled from the profile and not be able to be set by the user (although they could have the option to not show faction or level, faction restricted posts wouldn't be visible in this case). Maybe faction/level would be public as a default.

  • I am not in favor of this idea. Copying a previous comment I wrote on the subject:

    I personally like it with factions omitted. I find that knowing someone's faction can lead towards bias (be it conscious or unconscious) and harassment in discussion. For the same reasons I like not knowing people's level. Just because someone may not be a veteran L16 who has recursed 6 times does not mean I shouldn't give them an equal opportunity to share their opinions.


  • @DragonBallZeke this is why a couple of us also mentioned for it to be an optional setting. If it's optional I can't see what the issue is. There are already faction avatars thus there is already bias etc.

  • @ClumsyNinja There can still be an issue with it being optional, I feel. At the moment, any agent can chose any factions avatar, regardless of their own. There is no way to know for sure someone is whatever faction/level they claim to be (Aside from knowing them locally or pinging in comm), and I like that. There's going to be bias no matter what and I feel actions should be taken to reduce the impact and effect it will have.

  • @DragonBallZeke I don't think it's much different from G+. Unless you used a burner account or you were very inactive it was trivial to find out what faction someone was by looking at their profile. Over time this will be the same here.

    People can choose who they respond to. Also we've already seen Niantic ban people from this platform for abuse, they will have to make a new Ingress account to rejoin.

    If it's optional then I don't think it'll really matter, over time.

  • They have equal opportunity to share their opinions. This is the internet. You can talk as much as you like. It has been proven time and time again that agents who are 16 don't know all the things. However, you can't seriously be saying that a level 5 understands the game mechanics as much as an agent with over 100m ap.

  • CriminalBizzyCriminalBizzy ✭✭✭✭

    The only problem I see here in my opinion is the faction specific posts. I think its possible with the Vanilla system but I don't know how easily this can be done. Either way once you start to take into consideration faction changes, recursions, and an accidental permission granted it starts to become an administrative mess very quickly.

  • jplolojplolo ✭✭✭

    Hi @HarleyQuinn42 !

    Discrimination and bias I fear would be an issue if Level was auto-fed into this system. I personally would love to hear the opinions of both someone with experience 5 and experience 32. But, not everyone is so accepting.

    I am curious how such a function would handle flip accounts. Also, there are agents who have harmlessly deleted one account to begin another from scratch that would not have an accurate representation of their experience revealed.

    Not to mention, people who have dove into other aspects of this game that don't include strictly AP gain, yet are vastly experienced none the less in the ways of Ingress.

    Dunno. Just some thoughts on the topic.

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    Personally, I like the idea of faction and level information not being shown when an Agent posts. I think this better fosters open and civil exchange.

  • rjwutrjwut ✭✭

    Any updates on this? @NianticScot @NianticCasey

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