reviewing to much while having no nomination can it make unable for you to set any upgrades

normaly if you get an upgrade while having no nomination it should be set on the next submission you make. but this is not the case. instead of this, you cant use the upgrade. one of our local players got 10 bugged upgrades in that way. he cant use any of them. the real problem is, you can only save 10 upgrades. this week he made 2 submissions, of cours the bugged upgrades dont went on his new submussions. also the stuck at 0% for the next upgrade since he has the max. of 10 upgrades. so he is not able to upgrade his submissions anymore, until it will get fixed

with proof


  • I got 1 upgrade available. I had no free nominations, so I made a new nomination. And it got auto upgraded. But when the same thing happened again, it's not getting upgraded.. I have 1 upgrade available and 2 non upgraded new nominations after getting upgrade. Now none of them have been upgraded.

    This is a serious bug and needs to be fixed..

  • Mine have worked fine, ran out of things to submit long ago. Got 6 upgrades in the bank and so far three times ive submit a nomination, waited for it to show up in the nominations, selected it to upgrade and its worked fine with a response in 2-4days.

  • UltraViolatorUltraViolator ✭✭
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    I had 10 upgrades and 0 active nominations, later I made a few nominations and none is upgraded at the moment. The upgrade count is now set at 0 and 10 upgrades I collected are not being redeemed. Something is broken.

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