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Ok sorry this has been playing on my mind since I saw it in the updated AMA for November.

So niantic have stated that they are not intending to put a description function in for edits as they may influence wayfarer.

Can someone tell me what the function of the added supporting statement is for in nominations. Is this not the exact same thing or am I missing something. It's a place to write and explain why this should be a portal.

An edit description would be for the purpose give a reason why it needs to be changed. It's not trying to influence wayfarer review. Say something has been moved and google street may show it's old location. The portal will be in the incorrect place until street or satellite view in some cases is updated. What happens if the location becomes unsafe?

What a crazy idea not do this.


  • I think they are just tired of everything portals. Maybe the core ingress people in Niantic was against global wayfarer as well, and are just hating their job these days.

  • The supporting statement is to show what criteria a nomination meets. Previously we would have to write this in the description which was irrelevant to the actual nomination. Some also use it to give information they couldn't give in a description, a website backing up their claims for example.

    We don't need this for edits because the only reason an edit should be made, is because the current location/description is incorrect. Which should be backed up by street view or adding photospheres, or a quick google by the reviewer. If reviewers don't pass it, you can appeal on these forums with additional evidence.

  • In any case, they have updated and expanded the nomination interface before nominations released to other games, but edit remains the same. OP argues that Niantic answers AMAs carelessly when we we basically ask for parity - in fact calling some workarounds "abuse". I think it's clear that Niantic have some level of concern about waypoint validity, but not too much - as in they don't want to spend time and resources on it and make up some **** answer on the fly.

    . Since "regular people" are reviewing now, and face two wildly different interfaces, more info/fresh picture could make the correct decision easier.

    (Biggest problem with photospheres and the current interface is that they require inside knowledge to make and to use)

  • Yes I agree but a supporting statement for edits is the same thing. I dont disagree with you about extra photos and 360. But if a portal is moved in it's real life location and streetview is not updated then that portal could be in a position that is now un safe. If we had somewhere to right a statement to show the move including an extra photo it may stop some of the bogus moves I see that are just for pogo gains.

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