These new POI's may not be as useful as they first appear

I know getting all these new POIs may be exciting but they are only as useful as they make the gameplay experience. I un-installed pokemon go sometime on Monday from my phone and re-installed Wednesday. Although there are some issues beyond just poi's, I'm going to keep this discussion to just the poi's.

A few weeks ago, there new ex-raids tags. I normally get any passes in the city I work in. In fact a great number people do this. The commons/garden had ex-raid gym and in fact even got new tag on one. Unfortunately, people who had no problems getting passes are now more difficult. Most are going to spoofers. More does not equal better.

I also did a count of the portals I got approved in my town; it's 43. I can see 6 gyms from my house compared to when the game began only 2 pokestops. If I wanted to raid legendaries close to home it was a pain because I needed to drive a bit the the edge of the next town. For the longest time, the was no known discord/Facebook group in my town but this year a new one was listed on the sliph road map. Yeah. Critical mass. Maybe, I could do those 4* and 5* raids near my house. However, the group of 40+ members has decided to list it as "The community . . . is not accepting new members". ( Ingress is so different in this regard. So much better).

I don't exactly what kinds of changes or improvements in gameplay these new reviewers/nominators in gameplay but it might not be everything they hoped for.

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