Wayfarer is getting abused.

How does someone report this newly created portal?

This POI is the entrance to a shopping mall. It has visible human faces in it. Not only is it not a valid POI, and everyone who approved it should be forced to retake their test in Wayfarer, but there is no option available in Ingress to report this open and unconstrained abuse.

This POI does not fall into any of the above categories. However, it is not a portal. It has never been a portal, and should never have been approved. This has become tacit approval to submitters.

While I'm not going to claim to identify the reviewers based on bias, as this sort of thing always happened on a small scale, in the last week or so it has become increasingly common and complained about all over the world in various Agent discussion channels.

@NianticCasey how can we report these POI's before the Niantic Portal Database becomes more corrupted with junk and a large subsection of new reviewers continue to gain force. This isn't a problem constrained to Ingress alone, but will 'infect' every new platform as well as all existing ones.

This has also had the negative effect of downgrading reviewers who would reject these sorts of portals validly, and raising up the 'reputation' of lax and/or intentionally subversive reviewers by acting in concert.

This is becoming a real problem and it's hard not to point fingers at recent changes to the Wayfarer access.

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  • TheSamusTheSamus ✭✭
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    Yep definitely agree, I have seen lots of definite 1* subsmissions or duplicates come through my reviews and end up going live.

    My score has also fallen into the yellow zone for the first time since i have been reviewing. I have heard lots of Ingress players have made it to the Red zone and are being forced to retake the test.

    I myself play both games with Wayfarer access, and amongst the Pogo community it seems anything where someone would like to sit and catch Pokémon will be approved, Generic business’s, Schools, there backyard ect.

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  • definitely agree,already gone from green to yellow for the first time since I started Opr because of these bad portals putting my % out of ****.

  • XQlusioNXQlusioN ✭✭✭✭✭

    I asked in the most recent AMA why "should never have been a portal" isn't one of the reasons for removal. And the answer isn't what I wanted to hear...

    So yeah, bad portals are going to be approved and there is no way to remove them...

  • kdilkskdilks ✭✭
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    Most recent AMA has clarified that at popular areas where it may be difficult to not have any people in the photo, it is acceptable as long as they are neither the focus of the picture nor posing for the picture. So most reasonable people would not reject this based on the photo.

    Shopping malls are very frequently popular gathering spots. If somebody just claiming a thing is a 'popular gathering spot' is too vague for you, it is explicitly listed as an example of a potential 'third place' in social theory https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_place along with libraries, parks, coffee shops, and all the other things that are commonly accepted waypoints. You could perhaps argue that this particular location doesn't serve that purpose in this community, or lacks certain internal amenities to make it suitable for such a thing, but this is far from being "open and unconstrained abuse".

    This is a prime example of why certain long-time Ingress reviewers are justifiably seeing their ratings tank.

  • OchemistOchemist ✭✭✭
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    I tend to agree with you that indoor shopping malls should be potentially valid PoIs, and have argued that point with Niantic employees directly. However, this picture does not fit the examples they’ve given of crowded places where indistinguishable people in the distance are ok. It would have been easy to have avoided getting this woman in the photo and she is very clearly recognizable. Even if it had been a park, it would have been an automatic 1* on that basis from me.

  • i hope this problem doesn’t get worse. What’s next a dropped soda can as a portal or dog poop that hasn’t been picked up?!?!

  • PerringaidenPerringaiden ✭✭✭✭✭

    Actually, shopping malls are a generic business, and therefore excluded. And really... who "gathers" at a shopping mall any more.... I mean... c'mon.

  • Tbh they're more of a hyper-local spot.

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  • Here, it's the other way around. Totally legit POI's have been removed.

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