Why all the portal denial on Viable portal submissions

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After reviewing over 1500 submission I understand there are very DUMB submittals with outrageous names and descriptions, But i have made very viable submissions like Local Parks and soccer fields and they have been reported as ABUSE or not being there while they are visible from google street view and maps. why all the hate?

they are not duplicates or near a school in any way,

i will also deny people nominating Petsmart and the gnome in their front yard, but i will approve guideline approved, legitimate nominations no matter how petty they may seem

if a player plays ingress, no matter the reason and makes it to level 10 without spoofing why deny them the same rights you have in nominating local portals that benefit them,

People really have to stop hating on people PLEASE

we are all here to expand the in-game experience and I think it benefits all to have more portals and stops

thank you for reading

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