60% agreement rate and poor Wayfarer Rating = JOKE



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    So those who dropped there ratings were not reviewing correctly. Well done niantic. Maybe they will start to follow guidelines when reviewing.

    I wondered why this thread went on so long without niantic commenting seems they had a plan all along.

  • Where does it say that those whose ratings dropped were not reviewing correctly?

  • Well at least there is a working system that hopefully keeps reviewing neutral across the board old ingress flat rejecting everything they dont want in and pogo accepting everything. Well done @NianticBrian @NianticBC

  • There you go with your fantasties again. Big bad scary ingress folk rejecting all the pogo stops. ....made 3 gyms for my community this last week. 😘

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    So, Niantic put pre approved/rejected nominations in OPR and voting against these will drop your rating.

    well, they have the “showcase” displaying some horrible candidates as “featured waypoints”. Go figure.

  • If nia would let me just submit all the things i have already photographed we would have 30 more stops instantly. (And 60 portals..... ) It's frustrating being the only one to bang on about submitting new spots to get new stops. In our discord it's me waxing on about let's make more stops....and my raid leader and another ingress/pogo hybrid discussing what to upvote (we have some really bad for gyms as pre-existing locations) . Only my raid leader seems to be submitting passionately.

  • Who is disagreeing with my post what is so wrong about it?

  • I think you will find that I said bad ingress reviewers AND pogo reviewers.

  • > calls an incredibly flawed system a "working" one

    On the one hand, I want to quote Bender B. Rodriguez.

    On the other hand, I'm tempted to expound upon the differences between a functioning system and a working one. (Cliff's Notes version: a working system does its job efficiently and reliably, with few to no errors; a functioning system does its job, but may not do so efficiently, and the quality of its output can be exceedingly questionable.)

  • It's a working system because it has caught all the bad reviewers and put them in bad rating. what's wrong with that? We all know that ingress players in opr made there own rules of what should and shouldn't be approved and ignored niantics guidelines. Now niantic has Implemented a system that highlights this. So yes its working.

    This also covers pogo players who want to approve everything same bad rating given. So the system works everyone has to up there game.

  • Review rating no longer depends on your all time records, but only the records from the last ?? weeks or a part of the last percentage. If your rating drops, its because something actual. Bright side, it's also easier to get out of this. Just rate everything you're sure about and skip everything else. (might take a while tho since the 20 minute timer)

  • Niantic has pre approved so you have to be careful with what you think you are sure about as we have seen in the last 9 pages alot of people thought they was doing it right. But there is also a skip limit and as you may end up in the red your votes count less if at all so follow guidelines and you will be fine.

  • No. It's caught SOME bad reviewers. It's also caught a lot of people who are - and have been - reviewing in accordance with the guidelines, simply because their guideline-based decision didn't match the Prevailing Opinion.

    There's a term for that latter situation: "false positive".

    As things stand, the system currently in place has got far too high of a false positive rating to be considered a "working system".

    When Niantic fixes the false positives, *then* I'll consider it a working system.

  • Nianitc has already revealed that the rating changes based on pre-evaluated nominations. It can no longer be argued that the rest of local reviewers are wrong and your rating is suffering from it. Your rating suffers if you don't vote in accordance with the guidelines simple as that.

  • Pre-pogo: I was green and wayspots took months to get approved

    First 2 weeks of pogo: I quickly dropped to yellow, and wayspots approved in days, lots of pogo reviews activity

    Next 2 weeks: pogo review activity slowed down, I went back to green, and submissions take weeks to get approved again.

    So approval rate and my agreement level seems to directly be a function of pogo player reviewing activity - just an observation.

  • I did not claim it couldn't. What I was talking about was the rating, which is not influenced by such things.

  • Correlation != causation.

    Though it could be true that PoGo reviewers caused it, seeing the latest update from Niantic about Wayfarer they indicate the rating is based on pre-evaluated nominations. As such it's most likely this was only a correlation and there was in fact no causal relationship there.

  • Totally, just a data point observation. Although the honey pot system started before pogo, and I was fine before and after pogo in the honey pot system, so the correlation does seem stronger

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    We do not know when the pre-review began. They could have easily started at the time PoGo entered the scene. But even if some people's scores went down do to PoGo reviewers, it would have take more that just a handful of reviews to have an affect. If your score dropped so quickly after reviewing 50 nominations, then that indicates that you had failed one or more pre-reviewed nominations.

  • KliffingtonKliffington ✭✭✭✭✭

    We don't even know if these pre-reviewed things were taken from the current queue at all. It could just be the same old test submissions they've always had.

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    Or add to the fact I got 10 captchas in single night from great to poor instantly. I have noticed their bot detection system isn't perfect it glitches. I have been trying to vote honestly score tanked the same night a few other locals reported a drop. If it was a pre answered set of questions that tanked a lot of people it did what it was supposed to but during that time we didn't even know what would pass. I think there might have been some other factors in that did not help being that it looks like niantic changed the criterion for submissions to pass meaning they had to not get a x amount of 1* for each category as this was not reported until recently. So these notions that certain sub-categories could go by with a 1* due to it being like others probably caused a lot of disagreements as well. I mean I had a baseball field denied for visuals right after wayfarer launched that had never happened so there was a lot of confusion I think it did not help that they changed the grading rubric of voters and submissions so quickly as they did and not expect there to be issues. At the same time some people were having an unobtainable idea of what a poi should be and denying valid objects or duplicated series of submissions that were not duplicates and when pogo got access a lot of these pending submissions came back with an outcome. I would not be surprised if I got dinged for trail markers from months back before they changed the rules to have a name for the trail or denying pools for that 1 month it was on the 1* reasons. There has been a flux due to changing guidelines.

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    My explanation is that they probably weren't "voting in accordance with guidelines" to begin with and either misinterpreted parts of the guidelines the entire time (ex, low quality photos) or were applying their own rules and standards (generic business vs. hidden gem/hyper-local spot).

  • It’s not a surprise people are misinterpreting the guidance bearing in mind most of it is very vague.

    niantic have also changed their minds on much of the guidance over time as well to further muddy the waters

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    I am very accepting of most photos, even when they are quite dark. I am also very liberal with anything that looks like it might be a hidden gem/hyper local spot and I'm sure I lose agreements because of it (I don't care). I am very sympathetic to those sorts of nominations because I like them and I like to make my own. I look for reasons to accept rather than to reject. I still dropped to yellow after a longish session where I had to one-star probably a quarter to a third of the submissions because they were objectively terrible (trees, bus stops, motels, etc., etc.). I probably made more one-star ratings that evening than I had in days when I was reviewing more heavily previously. It took about 5 days of getting passive agreements without reviewing to get pushed back into green. So, yeah, something else is going on here.

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