60% agreement rate and poor Wayfarer Rating = JOKE



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    That is probably heavily related to your location. A LOT of people are starting to review every day and take the test. They would fail hard if this was the case. Besides, the change was heavily noticeable when OPR changed to Wayfarer and other players gained access.

    And what kind of POI in that category did you submit that failed? Because I see people submit benches, docks and other stuff that should be 1*'ed but it gets through Wayfarer and in-game.

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    And that is not to get some badge in-game, but to push through their pokestop/gym/location edit. Gaming the system with the original and alt accounts. Pogo players have nothing to lose, you can't get to poor and not get points for your badge if there isn't one. ;)

  • i think this is a completely seperate issue, its very hard as a reviewer to accurately review those type of submissions as you have to try to work out whether the submitter is making up or embellishing details and a lot of it goes down to personal opinion. ive tried 2 submissions like that and neither got accepted. for someone who is there they can obviously see what makes it special but it is very hard to turn that into something that will convince reviewers

  • I recently submitted a 300 year old high quality restaurant (formerly a tavern) in a tiny village. This restaurant is what this village is known for. Actually the village was named after it (instead of the other way around). It has once won a Michelin star, so it's not just some average fastfood place.

    I've submtted it multiple times in the past, but it got rejected every time. Now I had hoped that things would have changed for the better, but it got rejected again as 'generic business'.

    Of course I mentioned all the above info, but I guess some reviewers don't even read that. Just hit 1* as soon as they read 'restaurant'.

    This place is the most important POI in that village (which has only 6 other POIs btw). If this isn't an eligible POI, which is?

  • I’m sorry to hear that, that sounds like something that I would definitely give 5* to, in our UK chat people usually ask other reviewers if they saw their submission and we see if we can give help the submitter with what more evidence they can give to help their submission

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    That's frustrating. I've seen it before, I too hoped that with the new "comment" box for the reviewers, people would judge the POI differently. But it seems like wayfarer people don't like getting educated, and vote 1* out of spite :P

  • Wayfarer is a beast. Your POI is probs great. I have to often put in a playground 3 to 4 times before it's accepted.

  • Agreement percentage is not an adequate measure to determine if a reviewer is good or not. I have over 22,000 reviews. I have never seen my status go below green. My agreement percentage is currently at 56%.

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    Those powerpoles are in Europe as well, but they're relay/switch boxes. They get painted/stickered and lo and behold, the portal goes live. Really don't understand why people confuse vandalism with art.

    Sometimes they even post some story about how this is done by the community or government to improve the neighborhood :D

  • i read this and can immediately tell you have reviewed recently as these examples are everywhere on wayfarer, the ones denying this is happening makes me wonder if they actually review at all.

    i also agree that this will improve over time as people learn but like its been said before in this thread that when we learnt the ropes there was a handful of new submitters at a time learning and we had a large community to help us. right now the inexperienced community is significantly larger than the experienced community and this is where the main issues are, ive seen some great examples of PoGo only players learning what is good and what isn't and as long as they stick with it then in a few months time we might be in a better situation but right now its a total mess and we are losing good reviewers who are desperately needed to teach the new guys

  • I just reviewed a few submissions and my rating went from green to red. I understand the other reviewers in this post that after only a few reviews, your rating in wayfarer can change completely.

    Could it be that I rejected too many submissions in a row, like a school's playground, a bird house, and this (in my point of view) photoshopped transformer box? How do you get out of a red rating?

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    You have one opportunity to retake the test. That puts you back to yellow. I refused to do it because I found it mega insulting when I knew I’d been following the guidance, and it was the masses of new reviewers that weren’t. Also highly likely it would drop to red again unless I started to approve 💩, I couldn’t in good conscience approve 💩 so I quit altogether. Was peed off at first but now happy to let the POI database go to 💩, provided I have nothing to do with it.

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  • A "blip". You'll forgive me if I'm a little skeptical of that, I'm sure.

  • 100 reviews to have a chance to get back to yellow? Nice. And even 100 more to get back to green? Awesome.😅

    I have heard people actually to not give 1* reviews on some really low quality nomination, just to avoid rejecting too many nominations in a row.

    I also haven't changed my way of reviewing that much. What changed is the overall quality of nominations. With OPR always a great rating since lvl12. With wayfarer also green until a few submissions. It is interesting that after thousands of agreements, your rating can go down so quickly, within a few reviews. But, if it is the school's playground, it is the school's playground and therefore 1*. And when I am due to this flagged as an angry reviewer, down-voting too often, then I don't really know what to say.

  • Alright, let's review some more bird houses and school playgrounds and see how that affects my rating. 😁

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    Feel free to be as skeptial of that as youd like, I'm not claiming to be either a paragon of reviewing or a total renegade either (it may be a mass effect reference but it works well) .

    All I can say is that based on my experince and not changing what I did it went from green to red and back again, so either everyone elses veiws changed to match mine (highly unlikely) or something else changed for it to go back to green

  • I took the advices which I got after my post. Basically, I did two things: Reviewed 100 portals and tried to avoid too many rejections in a row.

    Even though, I was again reviewing (in my point of view) clear rejections like some bird houses and - this time - playgrounds from daycares, and the examples shown above, I voted sometimes rather 2*/3* than 1* (yes, I did that, but I wanted to test it; I had to close my eyes when I clicked submit, not so easy).

    And, guess what? My rating changed back to yellow/good. Somehow it seems that I have two options (also based on the the quality of nominations in my area I guess, so not in general I suppose): A) Vote according to the guidelines and I might end up rejecting too many nominations in a row. As a consequence, my rating goes into red. B) Vote sometimes not according to the guidelines in order to avoid rejecting too many nominations in a row. As a result, I may avoid red ratings and my reviews count towards the Recon medal.

    I do not know. This is hard. I mean I understand that people want to have more waypoints, but we cannot have everything as a waypoint, right? All of the good candidates in my area like churches, museums and so on are already waypoints. So, I guess people have to get somehow a bit creative and, thus, submit nominations which might not meet the criteria. But, if I do not have the opportunity to review them in an honest way according to the guidelines, what is there to do?

  • Or, maybe it is me who is wrong all along? And the chain of pokeballs is indeed not a temporary object, but a permanent installation, and Thor's rock is really Thor's work and anger and not - as I assume - a natural feature. 😅

  • It's important to remember that the rating is based on recent reviews not all reviews ever done. The problem is not that someone with a 60% rating gets into the red, this MUST be possible to avoid abuse. If not people could do good reviewing for a long time and then just stop doing that for a significant number of reviews due to their previous activity,

    The REAL problem is that consensus is pushed hard by Wayfarer and currently the consensus and the criteria no longer match like they used to (bad but not as terrible as right now).

  • What proof do you have of this?

    Asking as edits also count towards total agreements (as can be seen by upgrade progress), but are not visible anywhere.

  • Well, here's an example: there was one time in the pre-Wayfarer days where I had a long string of duplicate submissions at one point - something like ten or so in a row. Marked them all appropriately... and a few minutes after flagging the last duplicate, my "Portals Rejected" stat went up by ten.

    I'd say that's a pretty clear indicator.

  • Uhm... That's not how that works. Some agreements come back only after months. Sure non-controversial rejections seem to on average go a little faster, and so do duplicates. However this 1 time occurrence could very easily be random chance. This would only really work if those 10 duplicates were all you ever reviewed.

  • That is a very flimsy attempt to discredit the argument.

  • Sorry bud, but anecdotal evidence in not really worth much. And it simply doesn't count as evidence. If you disagree that's fine.

    Please remember to smoke a ton though. My great grandpa did and he became 96, so clearly it's good for your health!

  • Why do you say "you're probably the type looking to reject and gatekeep" is that not the job of a reviewer? To review according to the guidelines? I try really really hard to get every portal over the line. I have felt completely crushed by my submissions not getting through. I'm pretty lenient. But you can't let through 1* items.

    I'm backing up soy because he's a great reviewer who has kept up with trends ....indeed I can see his footbridge portal in the park over the way. ...

    Look i suspect in most of the falling into red cases.. a number of agreements came through from the blacklog that were nonagreements all at once ... also if you have reviewed a sub long ago and the rules changed and everyone votes differently..... you are stuffed.

    It's true i am reviewing my contribution to wayfarer my personal circumstances have been tough for sometime. Nia doesn't appear value contributors very well. I'm feeling a bit used. I'm really stressed out by changes that weren't forcasted ahead of time so i could have mentally prepared.

    That said still have gotten 3 gyms approved for my area in the last week. And only have 3 subs to submit... just hard to know what of my catalogued and photographed pois won't have been submitted by someone else first. Argh!!!!! That is the rub i can't stand wasting subs to duplicates.

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    Part of the issue is culturally significant differences per region. I think it really depends on the region the U.K. has been flooded with the postal boxes mainly the ones not on the historical registry (leaving the debate of the AMA vs, wayfarer out of this) from what I am gathering every single one is being submitted and approved for the most part correct? I could see that causing ratings to tank. My area has people submitting the little free libraries on private residences, generic neighborhood entrances but most are not passing. It really depends on local voters and their understanding of the guide and willing to follow it. Being a great review following the rules only goes so far if the majority over ride it with junk submissions. Thankfully locals in my area are rejecting the trash. We keep getting starbucks submissions for locations that are not in pogo.

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