60% agreement rate and poor Wayfarer Rating = JOKE



  • Wow that’s awful, we’ve been lucky that the PoGo players we are helping are very grateful for the help and give us a bit of hope that’s not every PoGo player is submitting and accepting all rubbish subs but we just can’t reach out to everyone

  • Yeah, same here. I don't know that there's many PoGoers in my area (though I know there's at least one), and from what I've seen of the submissions that have come from the area around me, I've only had to reject one.

    And that because the picture was taken from inside a car. (I could see the wing mirror and door frame in the picture, for crying out loud; if it weren't for that, I would at least have given it three stars, maybe four.)

    Now, candidates from *outside* my area?

    Strip malls. Gas stations. Car washes. Convenience stores. Trees. Bushes. Living rooms. Street lights. Even someone's pet cat, for the love of Mike!

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    Today I was doing 5* for all, and 1* just for things that are incredibly sht, got a 24h cooldown and went to yellow rating after 10~20 reviews.

    Actually I'm 69%.

  • in terms of people sharing screenshots of their stats I’ve never seen anyone over 70% agreements who has been reviewing for a while, compared to other people I would say my stats are good but they aren’t anywhere near 72% agreements which is an incredible achievement.

    how you are in Poor is absolutely beyond belief and further proof Niantic pressed the wrong button somewhere along the way

  • https://us.v-cdn.net/6031689/uploads/316/KQNYLBICJEQS.jpg There was an error displaying this embed.

    Here are my stats. 5336 upgrade points is where I got the 72% from. It's around 4800 agreements out of 7459 reviews.

  • Back to red again after being yellow for a few day and only 19 reviews done today to get a drop 🤷‍♀️

  • Dropped down to 64% literally overnight here as well.

    Do I stop reviewing until things stabilize or whatever's broken is fixed ? I don't know anymore.

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    Wait, how do you have zero duplicated after so many reviews? That might explain the low rating.

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    Duplicates only started counting when Wayfarer started, depending on how much reviewing they have done since then its possible they havent seen any

  • I'm still in the green. I really want to say it's highly area dependent. I had enough decent stuff from my bonus area to keep me interested in reviewing.

  • Technically, they only started counting duplicates separately after Wayfarer started.

    Back in the OPR days, duplicates were lumped in with all the other rejections (low quality photograph, irrelevant title/description, private residence or farm, generic business, and so on).

    I'd wager a good 25% of my "Nominations Rejected" count is pre-Wayfarer duplicates.

  • I'm 50/50 on this yes there is a lot more rubbish in the system that needs rejecting desperately. But when I look at how many reviews people have done compaired to the upgrades they have earned I'm not surprised they are in the red.

    I have done 8800 ish reviews and had 62 upgrades. The last guy who posted a screenshot has done more than double the reviews and only earned 20 more upgrades.

    I think you all need to re look at your reviewing habits as from what I can see the system isnt broken.

  • I am at 70% agreements with great/green score right now and I am scared of reviewieng too much. I am reviewing about 30-50 per day, and i have found out many new school portals, pogo players are sending all the trash they can.

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    I only have your word on that but if I got 60% in an exam it's hardly great

  • Like Sophielab said most likely a lot of their reviews were done pre upgrades which only came in at the start of this year, some people have been reviewing for a few years

  • But as I said 60% isnt great. If you or for example your children got 60%in an exam would you say well done or need to try harder?

  • Edits don’t count towards agreement score, the only people who know how many of their reviews were edits are those who started reviewing after upgrades. There is also the fact that you may have done reviews and it hasn’t reached a decision yet.

    all we can do to judge how good we are as a reviewer is compare our scores to other reviewers, like I said earlier in this thread that unless someone knows their edits agreements then 70% is top tier and most reviewers in Green tend to be between 60-70% agreements. That’s only information I have seen from screenshots of people’s stats they have posted themselves.

  • What’s your stats then? Who are you to judge others but haven’t been prepared to show your own agreement rate?

  • I'm not the ones on here saying the system is broken. I've been and stayed in the green since I started reviewing. So who's doing something wrong?

  • Could depend a bit on how many reviews you’ve done that hasn’t had an agreement but it would appear that your stats will be lower than the average, also interesting that your rejected agreements is very small to your accepted ones, I hope that means that in your area people are submitting better than they are in the area I review

  • Not from what I’ve seen, when I hit Red last week I stopped reviewing to let the reviews catch up, after not reviewing for 4 days I checked and my agreements were only a few short of the number of reviews I did so I can only assume I did get the agreements on them. Just frustrating more than anything, if the system is picking up a pattern of lots of rejections but I’m rejecting things that should be rejected and My rating is suffering for it then there’s clearly something wrong

  • It's rare that I find poor submissions from my specific area; most of what I get from there is murals, trailheads, parks (and related PoIs in said parks, like playgrounds, park pavilions, and sports fields of various kinds), community centers, churches, things like that. Maybe the occasional local restaurant or other such gathering place.

    Generally speaking, though, they're places I'd consider valid points of interest in my town - for instance, one of said PoIs is a tavern/restaurant that's not only been in almost continuous operation since Colonial times, but has been in the same exact building since Colonial times. (Granted, it's been somewhat modernized over the years, but by and large it's still the same exact structure, right down to the foundations.)

    It's only when I get stuff that comes from outside my area that things get a little iffy - and even then, I do my best to give the candidates I'm reviewing the benefit of the doubt unless there's something very obviously wrong.

    Like, say, a car wash.

    Or a Generic Shopping Center (if you've seen one shopping center, you've seen the mall).

    Or it looks like it's on the grounds of a private residence or school (sorry, Mr. Anonymous Submitter, a Little Free Library on your front lawn isn't a valid candidate, and neither is the playground at Anytown Junior/Senior High School).

    Or there's a significant mismatch between what's displayed in the picture and what I can see at the PoI's alleged location.

    Or... well, I suppose I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

  • Are you just looking at it as a clear cut yes or no? There is more to the reviewing than I've had 100 accepted out of 101 reviews so I must be great.

    The system is clearly taking into account the other star ratings you give things into account like visually and cultural importance.

    As I say dont read into what is being asked by niantic. I haven't and had no drop in my ratings.

  • Nope. Generally speaking, I rate candidates on a sliding scale, based on the information available (and honestly, it's pretty rare that I come across something that's top marks across the board; the tavern/restaurant I mentioned would be one such candidate).

    The only exceptions are for obvious duplicates and candidates that are equally-obvious violations of the guidelines, both of which get flagged appropriately.

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