60% agreement rate and poor Wayfarer Rating = JOKE



  • earlier today mine went from green to red after reviewing a batch of 4 portals...currently sitting on a ~68% agreement rate

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    The calculations seem to have been changed so that it only takes recent agreements/disagreements into account, instead of the whole history. It's now easier to lose your rating, but also easier to regain it.

    Which seems like a good idea, since it makes the system adapt faster to abuse. If someone with decent rating starts spamming one star, they'll quickly lose their rating and their votes stop mattering.

  • I somehow managed to get up to yellow overnight. Gained 20 upgrade points overnight in about 40 total reviews over the entirety of yesterday in red. The only thing I did differently when reviewing was more 4* rather than 5* (which lets be honest, i shouldn't be changing the way i review to get this)

    I want to work towards my Onyx Recon but I also want to vote honestly and 5* what Niantic have said are definitely portals.

    I'm not going to review for a little while. I want to still earn agreements but I can't do that if I review like I did before.

    This isn't to say I was reviewing incorrectly before, as since the only thing I've changed is the strength of the accept, something is definitely wrong if I went back up to yellow in minimal reviews.

  • It could be regional, but my rejection agreement rate since starting with pogo reviewing being opened is 17% of my agreements. There are obvious bad candidates being knocked back like trees and home portals, po go players aren't just accepting everything. It sounds like some of you might just be overly harsh reviewers. Always remember, it's just a simple phone game, the goal is accessibility and safety and not interfering with private places, and Niantic designs their games with the portal density of cities in mind, so relax the standards for regional areas with low density and let in some small malls etc as their only notable social and safe spaces. Remember the goal is helping people have fun in safe ways, not looking for reasons to reject when there's room to accept.

  • As mentioned, my rejection agreements are going up since starting with PoGo's wayfarer release, those obvious invalid candidates are being rejected.

  • I just wanted to point out that using 3 and 4 stars is the correct way to vote. Under the old OPR system, most of the park stuff like signs, gazebos, exercise equipment etc were 4 stars, only churches, libraries and good public art were 5 stars. Don't be afraid to use 3s for middling stuff, something that might be ok but have a mediocre photo or a description with typos is a 2 or 3 star, not a 1.

    Many of the people that are having a problem use the system as only 1 or 5 stars, spread the reviews through the range,

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    I review 10 nominations. I wait a few hours and log back in. I've gone from green to red. I log back in 6 to 8 hours later and I'm green again. It's like a yo-yo. Up down up down.

    No a rock is not a good nomination. No your TV in your living room isn't a good submission. I'm starting to wonder if people realize that they are constantly giving up their home address to lots of random people.

  • Yes I agree, it is definitely more Niantics fault for just opening subs/reviews up. I’ve joined some PoGo reviewer chats and helping teach them the guidelines, some things they didn’t know about because they didn’t read it properly and others because it wasn’t easy to find that information.

  • The Queu may be mostly cleared in some areas, but I've still got some old submissions just going nowhere in areas with insufficient reviewers. I was in Jamaica this month and the obvious old age of the submissions there shocked me. Every single one was a redacted submission and some were for things already gone. I'm glad the local queu has cleared up, it will hopefully reduce the number of duplicates, etc.

  • Yeah they get basically no exposure to POIs before they can submit. I thought maybe they should have received review access first and had to complete a few hundred agreements to unlock submitting. Of course that too can be gamed but it would have raised the average.

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    You know how companies sometimes try to inflate their worth before a potential sale sometimes actually decreasing the quality/experience for temporary numbers? Maybe this is the beginning of that.

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    Just seen a scout hut go live that I 1*ed too 😪. Definitely time for me to step away.

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    We did have a community Discord for our state to help people with nominations and understanding the criteria. However, when the accidental global release occured, the majority of users left with one going so far as to tell us "**** you and your **** rules." That particularly hurt me because I had been working with that particular person to find good candidates for him to submit.

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