Unsent Nominations?

Overnight while asleep, I got an email for a nomination. It’s one I’d had to resubmit a few times, as it was apparently difficult to convince OPR of its historical importance.

Except... I hadn’t made any new submissions. The portal was already finally accepted. The app was fully closed (and doesn’t run in the background on an iPhone anyway).

I did manage to get to it in Wayfarer in time, withdrew it before this duplicate made it to voting.

This probably helps explain why I’d previously been unable to reconcile my submission count, I’d gone through my emails looking for submissions, and was only able to find 13 in any two-week period. This when we’re supposed to have 14, correct?

Is this some weird new submission Limbo? I have only experienced any such delay in Redacted, and even then only when the app was left open. Never with Prime, never when the app was closed. @NianticCasey (I don’t currently know which username to ping for looking into weird tech-end issues.)

This DID impact me, I missed out on being able to submit three nominations, or at least much delayed them for me.


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