Double gamer, two Wayfarer accounts?

So with Pokémon Go submissions coming, I was wondering how this new conflict might be handeled.

There are many players that play both Pokémon and Ingress and I'm pretty sure some of them have either one of the games on PTC/Facebook and the other one on gmail. This means that despite the user is following the "1 account per person" rule, but has a second Wayfarer account.

So far I haven't found any rules about this, but it doesn't look like this is what Niantic wants, right? Anyone knows something?


  • I use two different email addresses for both games and I can confirm

  • Confirm that you can?

    Confirm that you do?

    Confirm that it's not wanted?

  • "Gee, I'm just done with 200 reviews on my main. Let me get going on my alt!" This can't be a big problem.

  • I second this, with sooo many submission now who the heck is going to sit and review the same Several hundred portals twice. Maybe if they do that they can 5* one of there submission, but really how many people out there would actually keep doing that?

    Now being able to Link both accounts to the same Wayfarer would probably appeal for alot more people, but im guessing that alot harder fix then Niantic will want to do

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    Since all the OPR / WF chats many people get the same submits, so I think its pretty plausible you get to rate the same submits twice, increasing your own power and making it easier to achieve agreements.

    I just wonder if Niantic dislikes this idea, or just leaves it this way, I have a ptc account and out of curiosity tried the exam, which was so much easier than back when I had to do it.

    Besides knowing it was possible I also tried it a while and discovered indeed I got the same submits on account right after account left had it. This is profitable and perhaps not wanted. Messages like above could encourage people like me to double rate, because it's allowed. At this point I'm still on the camp 'better shouldn't'.

  • Confirm that I can.

    I do not.

    I don’t think this is a desired feature, probably more a situation Niantic didn’t think about.

    But I don’t see much people doing it, I don’t know. I avoid Wayfarer since it has been opened to pogo players because it made my rating drop to red. I considered using my pokémon go account to do it without hurting my Ingress rating but this one will probably end red too since I won’t change my way of reviewing so no interest in it.

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    I also have a different email for Ingress and for PoGo.

    I have over 34.5k reivews on Ingress. I will continue to review solely on ingress.

    I did however login on PoGo to take the test to see if anything changed and can confirm the test is as easy as ever. 10 questions you can practically answer correctly blind folded....

  • Well, tried a few days ago on different devices and noticed I got the same submits on both accounts a lot (even some times exactly the same submit at the same moment. So much that it can't be co-incidense)

    Despite this helping to boost your own agreements at the possible agreements (at cost from others) this also increases the reviewing time on each account, avoiding a cool down, which I had earlier a lot in Wayfarer (never in OPR)

    I hearby confirm that it's rather unwanted and Niantic might wanna write some rules about it, or just prevend it.

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