How is "upgraded" supposed to work?

Yesterday I sended 4 nominations at the same time (one immediately after another) and in the same area. To one of them I put "upgraded". Today one of them have change from "In queue" to "In voting". Not the first one I sended. Not the "upgraded". 🤷 I don't understand.

How does it work then?


  • I wad having the same issue. Mine final went into voting today.

  • I have a portal I have submitted multiple times in the last 6 months and each has been upgraded but never has gone into voting. I have had multiple other submissions get approved. I don't understand.

  • I had a nomination in queue, and I requested it to be upgraded when my first upgrade came through. My first upgrade didn't come through in time, and my nomination was voted on and rejected meanwhile. My upgrade seems to have been wasted as even in the rejected stage, and even though it was never upgraded, my upgrade had been applied to the nomination.

  • BlacktroBlacktro ✭✭
    edited November 2019

    what I have seen that an upgrade goes to vote quickly, the next upgrade only remains in queue, the next to vote and the next goes in queue ...

    and I have seen that in places with almost no portals they are reviewed more quickly even without unpgrade

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