My local reviewers are idiots....

I have submitted some childpaintings on a wall a while back as a portal. The thing is it was made because there used to be a girlschool/abbey. Since the 2 local schools fused to one they made the abbey a park/senior home. The paintings the girls made before the schoolpart of the building was demolished stayed as a memory. All this i stated in my info/story... i received the message its denied becausse its on schoolproperty.... school is demolished 10 years ago....


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    Also, this plaque is on private propperty,....

  • Your first picture isnt a 5 star sure submission even if there isnt a school anymore. Question is what does Google Maps say?

    And your second picture is location wise a fine submission. I cant read what the plaque says though.

  • I understand it isnt a five star, but since it became a park, and its a memory for a learning institute i gave it a shot...

    my problem is i had multiple rejects in a short time where the rejectionreason was idiotic....

    theres no school here, the plaque is on the street (it says the oldest known tavern from the town was here, and afterwards the building was used for politics (in1779))

    I had also an old building thats officially a protected monument (where i provided the link to the oficial governemental site claimining its a monument since 2002) thats rejected over 15 times as private propperty.

    Since i was angry then, i drove 3 km further, to a few places where you have to actually stand on someones frontlawn to touch the portal, and reported it,.... they are fine according to niantic....

  • Here in The Netherlands we keep having the trail discussion about 'Knooppunten' (translated to junction), These are points hikers / cyclers use to navigate populair routes through the country and every single one of them is registred at a central website. Despite they only seem to make it when there's a map included. The poles have a 50/50 change now, but the ones nailed to streetlights (same function) still don't seem to make it.

    Long story short, some submits need more time. In the past also poles didn't stand a change and they are 50/50 now. Your time will come too.

  • I guess Google Maps still has the location marked as school. Reviewers just see that and give it 1*, without checking your explanation.

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    I've updated info on Google Maps before, removing no-longer-there businesses, and adding in an occasional missing theatre. Still working on getting them to stop directing car traffic over a pedestrian-only bridge that USED to allow cars.

  • Nope, schoolreferences are gonë, and i made a photosphere, so its obvious its not a school

  • I think you misunderstand the reason in angry and frustrated. I dont care if some nominattions need time. i care about dishonesty. 16 times nominating with official governemental site to proof its a protected monument, to find its private residence according to some idiots.... having nomitaing plaques who are accesable from the sidewalk to find out its private residence to those idiots...

    and then you have 4 portals 3 km away where you have to climb a fence(thats trespassing to me) to reach the portal. Have to stand on someones lawn to reach the portal. If you report these portals, you get a mail 2 days after that theres no problem....

  • I think a lot of the problem isn't idiotic reviewers so much as reviewers unfamiliar with where you are/language (I hear Europe gets a lot of neighboring countries to review).

    Mural: if maps are saying it's a school, and it looks painted by children, people who aren't local are going to play it safe. Yes, you said it's not a school, but what resources do they have to verify that? People lie all the time on nominations, so your word has to be verified. Keep trying. If you have a support photo angle that can help verify no school is there I'd get that for a photo.

    Tavern - the plaque looks very modern, and doesn't appear like most landmark plaques I've seen. If they don't know the language, reviewers won't see it as anything of interest. Perhaps quote it on the support statement for easier translations.

  • Thanks, i will try it one more time in french and english. (I live an hour away from french border, and since yesterday i can also revieuw. I noticed i get a lot of french nominations) but since i nominate portals already 1,5 years now, i write almost the whole boxxes additional info and description completely full. And i noticed now nobody else does that,... lost a lot of time and gained a lot of frustration that way since my portals were rejected for reasons that i countered on advance

  • Could you paste the images from the submit? Maybe there's some advice to give.

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    Here you go,....

    i followed the advice to link the official governemental site, but it still got rejected 2 times for being private residence...

    These portals are 3 km further and apparently not on residential property ....

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  • The supporting text is a good place to put something like "Please Note - This is no longer a school, it was demolished 10 years ago, see news article here: " or something similar.

    Some might not see it, but it might tip the agreements away from rejection. Niantic may intervene if there's a large disparity (they apparently sometimes fix typos when people point them out in reviewer comments, and manually check all new photos, so they're somewhat keeping an eye on submissions and aren't completely uninvolved).

  • I DID,...that's what i ment with all of this i stated in my info...

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    Oh sorry, missed that. Maybe title ex-school or something blatant, or open the first sentence of the description with mentioning that. "Located at the former school, now an X, the mural blah blah".

    Valid portals get rejected all the time for dumb reasons and take multiple submissions, so you may have more luck with more attempts. Some reviewers are just really reject happy and make it a bad time wasting experience for everybody involved.

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