Is marking as 1* Abuse enough?

I’m seeing a LOT of obviously terrible nominations that are submitted with a total disregard for the wayspot guidelines. Is marking them as 1* Abuse going to be enough to get the players nomination privileges removed? Or is there better process for bringing Niantic’s attention to these players that are trying to break their wayspot system by bogging down reviews and potentially contaminate their database with bogus wayspots?

The nomination that pushed me to post this was someone’s house that had dark pictures but they lied and claimed it was a Pop Culture Museum. Surely that type of abusive nomination deserves to have nomination privileges removed.


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    I would like to believe it's enough, if it's not just YOU tagging it as such.

    But I "get" how Niantic will likely require a pattern of abuse (repeated flagrantly invalid submissions) before triggering such a ban. People get drunk and get, well, stupider; people have their phones "borrowed", and such.

  • Yes. Also add a comment.

  • Whaaaaat?

  • I didn't see this before, is it new? Under "Help->Ineligble wayspots" on the wayfarer site:

    Nominations submitted by accounts with a history of spamming inappropriate nominations

    If we believe you are spamming nominations inappropriately, you will receive a warning and may lose nomination privileges for repeat offenses. 

  • I believe it's been there for awhile.

    A lot of this nonsense is going to be one time thing before they go back to just playing the game.

  • And that ties back to my original question which we are all assuming we know the answer. And that is “rating as 1* Abuse with a comment” is enough to get these players on the naughty list to lose nominating privileges for repeat offenses.

    It would be nice to get some official Niantic confirmation that this is how we should be handling these obviously terrible nominations that are submitted with a total disregard for the wayspot guidelines (instead of something like contacting support or posting here for increased attention).

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    I had one almost exactly like this the sad thing about it I know the idiot who did it. When asked why, he said why not it may go in.

    Pogo not ingress player

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