Recruitment of the Resistance Anti Magnus (southeast of mexico and mexico)

Would you like to be in a resistance that is guided by the principles of AntiMagnus?

Do you want to be part of the New Wave of Resistance?

Let's follow together the steps of Jahan, Antimagnus and let's know together what the word partner really means, let's participate together in large and clear operations, perfect yourself as an intel operator, intelligence operator or decorder, just reply to this message or send a message telegram to @PIUduck and with pleasure I give you more information.

Separated we are strong, but together we will control the future.



  • JimboMXJimboMX ✭✭✭

    And if dont know wich are the Principles of AntiMagnus? Greeting from CDMX!!

  • It's simple, technology will make us evolve.

    We rely on technology, knowledge, intelligence and training to achieve compliance as the new wave resistance

    We follow Jahan's teachings on the N'Zeer and firmly believe that only the union between technology and human knowing is what will lead us to victory.

    we believe in honor, in teamwork. in the same knowledge for the whole team, in such a way that no one is indispensable, that each one separately is strong. But together we are "like a thunder, that rumbles before you can cover your ears"

  • JimboMXJimboMX ✭✭✭

    Then count me as an ally, you got me with the knowledge, intelligence and training part.

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