November FS 3X AP Multiplier?!

The maximum eligible AP gain this First Saturday is 500,000 AP and the last FS email gave me 1,000,000 AP Bonus. That's just 2x AP.

November FS 3X AP Multiplier, anyone got theirs?



  • 3car3car ✭✭✭

    Well when it is 2x they give you 500k AP 500k you earned during the FS and 500k for bonus

    When it is triple you get 500k during FS and 1m for bonus for a sum of 3x

  • harkonnnenharkonnnen ✭✭✭✭

    The AP you receive about 10days after the FS is the Double AP or in the Nov case Triple

    So during the 2hr window you earn say 500k AP, then 10days later you get an email and Niantic matches that AP

    So for November I earn 602k AP, then niantic game me the 3x bonus equaling 1mill AP. So for the 2hr FS window i actually earned 1.602mill AP

  • Thanks that cleared it up

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