Tessellation predictions (feedback + proposition)

First of all I'd like to thank you for making this event possible. It adds a very interesting dynamic to the game as it requires lore knowledge and decoding skills. I'm very happy to see these parts of the game in the spotlight, and I hope the focus on these topics will continue on after the Tessellation Global Event ends. Not even mentioning the adrenaline rush the deaddrop-hunt events of Stuart generates, wow! Those are simply awesome!

What I'm wondering about is the difference in the way predictions are handled. At the deaddrop-hunt events of Stuart the Tessera is worth 5 points. The person that receives the Tessera is allowed to make the first prediction, after which the first prediction a member of the other faction makes counts. In comparison the other Tessera are first-come, first-serve. Regardless of who finds the Tessera first, the player that posts a reply with a prediction cell and quotes Truthseeker after verification locks in that spot.

In order to have more chance, both sides use the RSS feed to gain an advantage. If it picks up that Truthseeker has posted a reply, it will quickly alert the agents to post their prediction, resulting in replies made literally moments after Truthseekers' verification post. I feel that this removes the fun and should be avoided. It takes away from the effort the agents have invested in decoding the clues and visiting the portals to find the Tessera, and relies on 'luck' to score the points.

I'd like to propose a change in prediction-ruling for the non-deaddrop Tessera to allow for the First Discoverer to also make first prediction. While gaining the Tessera media is the icing on the cake, first prediction would be the cherry. It's a "thank you" to the agents that went out of their way to try and find the Tessera. Sure, this is a challenge considering the difficulty Nemesis has caused of making the Tessera available in the portal network, but I feel it's better way to balance the scale.

Thank you for considering. Thoughts?

@NianticBrian @Truthseeker


  • I feel this suggestion may cause a lack of engagement between Tessera drops. Once found the engagement is currently already fairly low, lessening the faction who didn't discover firsts chance of winning a further point in the placement isn't really going to push them to engage past the initial seeking of Tessera? As it stands the first to discover and post on forum doesn't necessarily reflect that teams efforts or the decoders but more an availability of ground agents after the decoding to actually reach it. So many factors make up this event that I think they already have the best possible means for scoring in place.

  • I think, as the board progresses, this would simply mean double points for the finding faction. We already notice Nemesis gaining less points, as we are getting more 'used' to the board. It's hard to find a good solution where this game doesn't end up being a race on who posts first on the forum. Not sure what a good solution would be right now, but I don't think this is it just yet.

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