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Let's give @NianticBrian some ideas for packs to sell. The rule is you can only work with items or game modifications that currently exist, or have existed in the past.

- Double AP for a few minutes Item

- Double Deploy for a few minutes Item

- Vacation Pack (50 R1s and some heat sinks for unique captures)

- Link Amp Beacon and Player Avater Glyph (ok I gave myself a little liberty with this one, but beacons exist currently.)

- Old Character Badges available for a limited time. Maybe rotate them every two weeks or month or something.

- As much as others may hate it, I'm ok with very limited L8 or VR gear being sold. They might as well sell the character badges like anomaly packs. Make it limited at first to not scare people. One week a quarter.

- Subscription to automatically get the gear that is given in passcodes when they are released.



  • - Portal Request/Edit Pack

  • CliffMCliffM ✭✭✭✭

    VR Link Amps. Can't hack them, not game breaking to have.

    ADA and Jarvis viruses. Limited purchase, maybe 5 total for a month.

    SoftBank Ultra Link Amps. Love these things. They are so much fun.

    Rainbow set of Resonators, like the special code from a few months ago. So valuable.

  • - Subscription to automatically get the gear that is given in passcodes when they are released. <--- that might be a good thing, since that poor passcode redemption server (err, api/vm) gets hosed so quickly when codes come out. But we'd have to know what would happen when your inventory is full.

  • You have to play to make sure you have room 🤷‍♂️😅

  • Redfox1701Redfox1701 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2019

    - Special Packs for those who recursed? (to finally give some benefit to those people)

  • I think ito transmuters would be perfect to sell. There could be an argument there is too many already in the game and their only purpose is to save time like a tracker.

    Also, I think on the topic of lvl 8 gear being sold in the shop. I think a viable way to implement this is in varying quantities in a loot box. Lucky players will have a chance at vr gear or more x8s.

    An example of a regular pack might include

    - 4-6 x6s/r6s



    - finally a chance at a common to very rare items

  • NineBerryNineBerry ✭✭✭✭✭

    A pack with Nemesis beacons without the fracker.

  • - Old character badges as beacons

  • Redfox1701Redfox1701 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2019

    That's why I was thinking of the Passcode Subscription. It's not necessarily a loot box, but also I don't have to worry again about passcode servers or missing out on one. I get a couple hacks worth of gear every couple days.

    I do think ItoEn should be pay items. They are time savers like Frackers. I agree with you about that

  • ToxoplasmollyToxoplasmolly ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2019

    - R6s and R7s. Maybe even R8s. Resonators let you bootstrap your way to glory. R6s and R7s would help prevent those crazy solo deploy sprees from devolving into lower and lower level portals.

    - Character medals, especially if we can eventually sort them “reasonably.” It’s silly when they’re incomplete sets scattered amongst twenty other medals.

    • Customized Beacons? ie your own self created icons? Just has to pass a review person first...depending on how you make those things...and how the image would scale or if a template or dimensions would be provided. Would be fun to have something personalized....
  • - pay to have my decay Reso decay go longer. This way they still weaken over time, but maybe I have an area or link I want to last longer.

  • I agree. However, I want to stick to things that they could easily try and pack with little effort.

  • - Enhanced First Saturday pack that includes extra portal submissions

  • I agree with R7 and R8 being sold. More people would hopefully deploy them. You would still have to run around and hack to get X8, but at least some people could be a little more active in boosting portals.

  • For sure. I think it could help with keeping the game dynamic and fun for day-to-day play. Once an area loses L8 portals and the ability to rebuild them with any sort of regularity, the situation quickly degenerates. People run out of R8s, which then makes it harder to upgrade portals to L6 and L7, which then makes it harder to keep a stockpile of R7s and R6s, and so on, and so on. And then people start running out of the higher level XMPs and Ultra Strikes that are, practically speaking, necessary to smash what the other faction builds up.

  • Daily and weekly goals to encourage addiction.

    This will tie in with the store, example a capture event would prompt people to buy a 50x R1 pack. or a double ap "potion".

    For events just make sure that they always reward with badges :D

    Expand on the avatar program for ingress, and have certain stickers or features behind a paywall where they cost CU. best part - avatar is entirely cosmetic.

  • The gear can be provided in a capsule which doesn't take inventory space, nor the items inside it, but once unpacked the items are moved to the inventory and the capsule is destroyed.

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭

    This sounds like something that requires development work that Niantic doesn't really have any incentive to carry out.

    Also, the disadvantage of this is that you could hoard dozens of these things and then that would be game-breaking because it'd be like having a much higher inventory cap. You could time-limit them, I suppose (yet more development work).

  • subscription locker. maybe just keys? maybe pay/per/use?

    Pop-up & meet-up portal. Good for x hacks or x minutes. details/balance TBD, still requires deploys.

    And the obvious bacon-beacon of course.

  • SKINS!

  • subscription MUFG - they dupe VR, but you gotta pay.

  • I love the idea of daily/weekly "missions" or goals. One of the things that keeps me engaged in the other games is that. Part of the reason I recursed was to give my daily play a "point" again, so I could see enjoying that. I don't think it complies with your rule that it needs to already exist in game, but it would be neat.

  • Old Character Badges.

    All of them.

  • If we could separate the character badges to a separate tab on the profile I'd likely buy the old ones just to add them.

  • Old beacons (EXO5, Aegis Nova, Toast, etc) as individual purchases instead of a bundle.

    A variably-priced "Create Your Own Beacon Bundle" pack; pick two to four beacons - either ones currently available in the store, or ones that have been available in the past - pick however many you want (between one and five), with final cost determined by the total number of beacons in the CYOBB Pack.

    A "Breakfast Beacon" pack: Toast, Bacon, Eggs, and Coffee beacons. (Maybe as a yearly April Fools' offer, good only for 24 hours?)

  • Cubes. Whatever level.

    I don't want to buy a bundle with a bunch of stuff I'm not interested in and will just recycle for a tiny amount of XM. I just want to purchase some cubes.

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hack Pack: 1 each xmp, resonator and powercube of your current level + 1 common shield. Limit 1 per day. Also counts as a daily hack if you find yourself in a place otherwise unable to play. Cost: 1000 cm.

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