PLP Project Competition

I saw that we won't have a Navarro/Kalt in 2020, so how about taking the PLP idea global? Select 13 teams from 13 locations to build a PLP tied to a Thulu build, then let us build them and compete amongst each other.


  • That sounds like a great idea. There have already been many events that have taken place without the help of Niantic in recent years with more than 200 participants. That would hardly cost Niantic anything, they only have to provide the structure behind Techtulu for a period X, the rest will then be implemented by the local communities. There is no easier way for Niantic to realize such a huge event.

    In addition, there were similar ideas in the XF Kaltenberg Chat some time ago. So there should be enough players to take part.

  • Yeah they could put the build for a Pi/Arduino on GitHub... then send the teams the instructions to get the portals active in their locations, and let us make really cool portal sculptures reflecting our differnet cultures of Ingress agents.

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