Title Edit: Pigeons!/Roses Signal Box

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Title of the Portal: Roses Signal Box


City: 222-230 St Pauls Terrace, Brisbane, Queensland

Country: Australia

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Hi, some time ago I submitted both a description and portal name edit for this portal. It was previously named 'Pigeons!'. However, since being repainted, it had been named by the artist as 'A Daughter's Gift, which is the name of the rose which had been painted, a fact corroborated by the artist here.

I received the above rejection today, at approximately the same time as my edited description was applied to the portal. Due to text limits I included the reference to the flower name in the description as 'the title flower'. As such, I feel both for the purpose of clarity and appropriately appreciating the artist's work that this portal should be renamed to 'A Daughter's Gift' (with or without the year reference).

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