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I hope Niantic fix something similar to team ticket stops for Ingress and we get new bade for hack special portals. I hope we can get more and better items or somthing new cool. I know the name are different from Pokémon GO and Niantic called theme somthing cool name.


  • I don't get it

    If you want more items glyphhack

    iirc in Pokemon Go they can't glyph and they can't either in Wizards Unite

    Also they get less items for a rocket stop before they successfully defeat it if my short google search information is correct

    So it can be compared with hostile portals which give less items than portals of your faction and I don't see a need for any new special portals

    The Restock Portals at anomalies are/were (not sure if those still exist since i missed the last one) nice and it's fitting to have a chance after an intense battle to gat at least soem items back.

    But with glyphing and fracking I don't see any need for more items from portals.

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    Nice to have with new name in Ingress. Niantic give us badge for hack special portals. We can get better items or new cool items we only can get from Special portals. Niantic can have something better we do and get from special portals.

  • I don't see the need 😅

    You have special portals during media hunt or shard games

    And new items would most probably break the balance

    And there are already badges for hacking portals (hack badge, unique portal visits)

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    We have sponsored portals today but not world wide. But the problem are sponsored portals are locked to same location. With rocket pokéstop from Pokémon GO we get world wide radom sposored portals. We can get it everywhere in the world in small location on countryside for example. Mutch better than the sposored portals we have today in Ingress.

  • If you want random, go play Pogo. The great joy of Ingress is the gameplay's not random. Let's not mess that up.

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    You say it's not random, but when you want half a dozen keys to that one portal for a fielding plan there's a good chance you'll end up cursing the key-drop gods. ;-)

  • Been there, done that, got a wardrobe full of the t-shirts ... although the ones from the days of a maximum of one key per hack don't fit any more :)

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    Like the foture from Pokémon GO in Ingress Prime i dont play Pokémon GO. But the foture are very good to have world wide in Ingress. Sponsored portals are not world wide and only locked to same location. With the forure from Pokémon GO we can get it on countryside and small town to. Best for all agents. I only mean Niantic must relese special portals world wide and random location say 1 special portal stay in 6tim on same location and after that the special portal random to new location. We get new nice design for special portals.

  • Ingress had five things which made me prefer it over pokemon Go.

    1 a working compass rose.

    2 visible railroad tracks.

    3 higher speed limit.

    4 faster playability.

    5. All POI worked the same.

    Right now, there are only two things on that list which Prime still has.

    Portals should always just be portals during normal game play. Normal game play should always be more common than special events.

    Team rocket can stay in POGO where they belong.

    Want sponsored portals? Ok. Me too. Maybe Ingress could get back to having some corporate sponsors in countries other than Japan. That would be a good idea. The game might get Revenue from that.

    But the sponsored portals should look, and function exactly like all the other portals.

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    I mean the random system rocket stop have in Pokémon GO are nice to have for sponsored portals in Ingress and hope Niantic release sponsored portals world wide. Random make countryside get sponsored portals sometimes and other small towns. If we can get sponsored portals world wide i think more agents stop use spoofing to sponsored portals.

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