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Mr. Chapeau

Thank you for all the intel you have gathered thus far, both on Nemesis and in your dealings with The Tethered Hand in terms of the Tesselation.

Early on in the Tesselation, you confessed that you were unclear as to the true motives of the Tethered Hand, whether they were an Instigator or just someone passing along information.

Recently, a transmission was decoded involving a discussion between two Nemesis agents, Perpetua and Lucidia, in which they indicate previous dealings with The Tethered Hand.

Something that caught my attention in this transmission was that, not only do the agents discuss how close we might be getting to understanding the tessera, but they also discuss how The Tethered Hand is acting "cagey", was the terminology used. The use of this word leads me to believe that there is something that The Tethered Hand is deliberately not telling us.

I do not with to alienate a potential ally. Nor do i wish to put said ally or you for that matter in danger by asking either of you to gather or divulge information that could lead you to trouble. I also am not clear on the information exchange between the two of you, whether you're in regular contact or does The Tethered Hand just give you information to run with. But in light of this information i thought it only prudent to ask if there was a way to ask the Tethered Hand if there is more to Nemesis or the Tesselation that they could make more clear, or if there is a reason that they can't divulge any further information?

From the looks of this Transmission, I think it safe to say that there is something important behind the Tesselation if Nemesis is concerned about us solving it. It is not just us being used as pawns in a cosmic chess game and it doesnt seem to be some sort of distraction or Red Herring. So, it seems at this point, any edge or even additional information we can get on Nemesis is crucial to our success. And it would appear that the Tethered Hand could be our chance at getting this information.

Mr. Chapeau, as the liason between the Tethered Hand and us agents, I implore you, is there anything else you yourself can tell us or find out from this very unusual, but perhaps, crucially vital source?

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    Even the literal name means something more is there.

    Tether means "a line to which someone or something is attached" or "to limit of one's strength or resources"

    To also add: Tethered is "to fasten or restraint by or as if by a tether"

    Are we being used by Nemesis to figure out their own puzzle? I feel like whose hand this is also built one of the final two barriers. (I have a feeling this could be a counterpart of ADA and Wendy.)

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    In the video, the hand we see working on the board is actually restrained with a chain.

  • Oh of course something more is there. But it seems as if perhaps the time has come to refrain from waiting to be spoon-fed answers and to now see how much we can ask for from as direct as a source as possible.

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