Verification Delays

edited November 2019 in The Tessellation

Truthseekers, I've been really concerned about the verification just as those of you who are actively following. I am still waiting on the results from the NIA. This could yet be another interference caused by Nemesis to prevent us from completing the Tessellation. There might also be something going on at the NIA. But we can expect there will be a sufficient delay in order for all of you to make the predictions and polls in time.

There should be an announcement coming out, hopefully soon, specifically about 2 separate timing:

  1. The time that NIA is going to announce the verification, so you won't have to standby your devices at all times.
  2. When the poll will actually start.

Meanwhile, let's all stay put for the time being.

Appreciate all of your diligence. Stay safe in the Osiris Node. I hope all the chaos will go away soon.




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