Wayfarer manipulation by pokémon players

I don't know what's the situation in other places, but here in our country, most of the valid portal nominations get rejected. The pokémon players' strategy is to vote 1* on everything, until they get to their submissions, then they upvote those. They don't care about their rating, they couldn't care less about a badge in ingress.

Niantic is saying if you think your nomination is legit, then submit it again... what kind of solution is that? Why cannot we appeal a rejection like we did it in the past on Google+, then Nia could review it and ban the abusers of the system, if they can see a pattern in the rejections of good candidates?


  • It's a good idea to be able to appeal confusing rejections, but then you run the risk of that getting abused too. There has to be a happy medium for reporting BS rejections while limiting people from submitting EVERY rejection as junk. Maybe through Telegram like they do trusted reporters.

  • Of course. If someone abuses the appeal button, then the appeal right can be revoked as well. But in the end, people who abuse the submission system can be restricted from doing so.

  • I agree

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    Largely the reason why you can't appeal submissions is that the weight of appeals is too much for the small Ingress staff base. However, now that Wayfarer has been broken off into it's own thing, maybe they can reconsider this.

  • @FartEZ what you see as feedback for your reviewer score does not move continuously along the colored bar. You are either dead-center on green, dead-center on yellow, or dead-center on red. Additionally, you could have had a number of past reviews that were still waiting for an agreement come back against what you voted (there's nothing you can see that really indicates when this happens).

  • I don’t get why someone would submit a drainage ditch as a POI in the first place. These bad submitters should probably read the guidelines

  • Because they don't *care* about the guidelines. They just want "another stop/gym/etc."

  • I was submitting new portals, and I noticed that it's now possible to submit existing photos in Prime, while in Redacted my only option was to take a new photo. I also noticed the appearance of complaints about Photoshopped portal photos. I wonder if these two are related....

  • Here, it is the other way around.

    I play Ingress as well (I'm a frog) and became lvl 12 before reviewing became available to PoGo players. I have a legit portal at my workplace, and there have been maybe a dozen tries to move it so it becomes inaccesible for me. I suppose it has also been reported many times in order to remove it. No PoGo player would have the lest interest in either moving or or report it. And no move has ever gone through, either.

    Taking the situation in the local Ingress community and the hatred the opposing team shows for our faction, and the general dislike they seem to fell towards PoGo players, it's very likely they try to do things just in spite, abusing the system. This includes rejecting legit portals.

    So, manipulation isn't limited to PoGo players.

    I do think that the old appeal in G+ had its merits and it somehow should be revived. There are bad apples in both games, and somehow, they should be removed.

  • I don't see how OP's named strategy cannot also be used by Ingress-only players. No reason to narrow this kind of behaviour to PokemonGo.

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