[Sitrep] Fastest L8 after Recursion (14 mins)

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Hi all! We finally got a L8 from 0 ap in less than a quarter of hour.


@a1mirr (plan, new record owner)

@TildaSummer, @Hugochrome, @Neokondor - supporting


36 SBULs, 12 ADA, ~300 keys

Score: from 0 to 1254000 AP in 14 minutes

How was it:

I have a plan to do it for a long time. Thanks Nia for fixing of fast linking before double AP: without it I had no chances to do it so fast :)

We used our old plan of speed lvlup (at redacted we got L8 in 32m 38s without double ap for flipped @mc300 ) with some optimisations (thanks to new portals and some edits), but I changed some details and portals of plan several times until the last evening (pogo players reviewed enormous count of edits during last week, and some of them really spoil some moments, for example, we lost two portals we farmed already)

Finally, we got all keys, linked anchor fields, I confirmed Recursion, and we started. All should be much faster, but... But prime shows only 20 portals at linking menu, and shows other half only after reboot (check video below).

I hope to repeat it at the next double AP with much better time :)

Thanks for reading and feel free to beat my score :)

Video with one linking cycle: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KeFDR3ttwDZf30j4KyxtXOck739XJgK9/view?usp=drivesdk

We did a video just after linking by other agent. I didn't record video to save RAM at my phone while linking

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