What was your first Anomaly?



  • MirthmakerMirthmaker ✭✭✭✭

    In just under three weeks. Lead up has been crazy and will get even crazier. Trying to keep amongst anxiousness and nerves is the challenge right now.

  • Cassandra, Sydney 2013

  • Cassandra, Boston, 2013

  • Cassandra Cologne 2013

  • DargorHSKDargorHSK ✭✭
    edited October 2019

    Off-site: Interitus Malaga

    On ground: Interitus Frankfurt

  • Cassandra Tokyo 2013

  • Helios in Munich. There was also the Oktoberfest going on in tge city and many carriers had network issues. But I had to restart the Scanner on my old sgs2 only once. Servers and Scanner was working as intendef for the whole rest of the event.

    Now my phone has 16 times as much ram, more cpu cores than my desktop computer and I have a 4G Data plan which wasn't even available for me back then and I wish my anomaly playing experience at anomalies would be anywhere near to what it was back then.

  • Obsidian San Antonio. Was a total blast!

  • Recursion Brussels 2014

  • AngroxAngrox ✭✭✭

    13Magnus. Vienna. 2013.

  • Obsidian Vienna was my first actual anomaly, started playing during Helios Munich.

  • Helios in Richmond, Virginia. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, so I just xmp'd everything in sight and picked up all those capsules my POC said not to pick up, while they weren't looking. I still have some of those capsules!

  • Via Noir in Surabaya. Come back from the anomaly with two absolutely decimated phones, overheated and significantly reduced battery life

  • As an Operator - 13 Magnus Vancouver in 2013.

    As a player on the ground - Interitus Brisbane in 2014, and a very enjoyable trouncing.

  • kiloecholimakiloecholima ✭✭✭✭✭

    Helios Tacoma in September 2014 as a ground agent. Obsidian Seattle was my first as a team lead.

    Helios will always be my favorite anomaly, since we won big in my home city. Recursion Prime in Salt Lake City was also a blast.

  • Helios Palermo 2014

  • Cassandra Prime In Vancouver

  • Shōnin Hannover as a recharger, the first time onsite was Persepolis Bratislava

  • Interitus, Ishinomaki 2014. Grand excuse to visit somewhere would not have otherwise gone to. Ingress has been cause of many such trips since.

  • Kuerze Effect

  • BastyGBastyG ✭✭✭

    My first was Helios in Munich. Back in the days.

    And my last one was Umbra Dresden, where Niantic never had published our beautiful XF Team picture.

    Since Umbra NIA forgot about what Anomaly even is. And they are calling "buy some fancy blinking ingame items" an Anomaly. 😢

  • DrFinvarbDrFinvarb ✭✭
    edited July 2022

    My very first on-site anomaly was Helios in Bogota (Colombia) in 2014 and the last one I attended was Recursion Prime (in a recharge room).

    The Helios anomaly was quite special for me and I have good memories from that time, despite that I played Ingress with a (for 2014 standards) somewhat crappy Galaxy Nexus with poor battery life, a Cyanogen Custom ROM and a very small data plan (1 GB) that ran on a 1900 MHz 3G Network that was pretty fast in that time. Also, many people from other latin american countries attended this particular Helios anomaly, specially from Venezuela, as far as I remember; but the players that went to this anomaly were from the RES and they outnumbered local and foreign ENL players.

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