What was your first Anomaly?



  • 13Magnus Madrid 2013, starting as L3, finishing as L6 😊

  • Persepolis in Portland, OR. I had just started playing a few months prior but still chose to get on a plane and visit for the anomaly. It totally changed my perspective on the game! I learned how strong and connected the Ingress community is and felt a part of something larger than the event I was attending. I was hooked after that!

  • @JudyB those were the days. How many smurfs were we holding off at Westminster Abbey? Something like 13 smurfs against 3 enlightened wasn't it?

    My favourite memory of Time Zero though was the smurfs who spent their time defending the wrong portal. Just one dot different in the name was enough to confuse them.

  • 3Bikes3Bikes ✭✭

    Bristol this year. I kinda went in at the deep end by being a deputy team leader and an embedded reporter. With all of the comms and other stuff I barely managed to open Ingress for much of the day.

  • ntzzntzz ✭✭✭

    Abaddon - Barcelona 

    Was great, hope to go to more anomalys.

  • @3Bikes being a team lead (or deputy tl) is great fun, but yes, it's hard work too keeping track of all the different things going on. Two phones helps if you can manage it: one for Ingress, the other for Zello and other apps.

  • Persepolis - Liverpool

    Great day. Amazing final battle. Started about 20 mins before officail start in attempt to be ready for battle. 40 mins of manic action. Bike teams, motorbike teams, racing in to help. Was good fun!

    I think we won

  • @Unnamezz lol but you won your first one! merry xmas 😁

    my first was Shonin kyoto - where i also met John Hanke for the first time (but at that point i didn't know who he was, i just followed all the other agents who wanted to meet him and i took a selfie with him! lol)

  • RavenstonRavenston ✭✭✭

    My first was Abaddon Prime in Chicago. Haven’t missed a single one since!

  • Brooklyn for Aegis Nova. It was so hot and Sunny. Great day and ending.

  • Abadon in Sevilla, for me was a big change in the game. Now playing on my city wasn't enough I need to travel for ingress

  • Recursion Mexico City back in March 2014

  • Persepolis in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2015. It was quite something to play the Anomaly while fasting (it was held in Ramadan) 😎

  • OmenioOmenio ✭✭

    EXO5 Bruges december 2017 ... it's nice to win your first anomaly ;-)

  • Recursion Zagreb

  • BurliBurli ✭✭✭

    My 1. Anomaly was Magnus 2013 in Vienna... As a Level 4 agent, I played the first time with other agents.

    Now I think I was at 32 Anomaly cities...

  • My First one must have been Darsana in Stuttgart or Brussel.. in 2014

    I remember the bad data connection still.. :D



  • Shonin Las Vegas 2015

  • Myriad in Brasília, Brazil. Awesome!!

  • PongolynPongolyn ✭✭✭

    Helios Tacoma was my first anomaly. I skipped over Darsana and Shonin, but I've played in every series since Persepolis.

  • JiefSourdJiefSourd ✭✭✭

    Nantes 2017

  • None yet,but im going to Antwerp and that will be my first anomaly.:)

  • Hamburg was my first, eventually ist Dresden the last one.

  • Magnus, Madrid

  • 13Magnus Reawakens in Stockholm 2017. The best impression was the competition of creating fields and a few links crossing each other, so that it was impossible to make more fields in that area. :)

  • MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭✭

    I started playing the day after Darsana Santa Cruz, still the closest anomaly there has ever been to my house.

    A month later I signed up for a road trip to Shonin Pasadena, March 2015. I was level 9. By the time the anomaly rolled around I was level 13 and closing in on Platinum Trekker.

    It was crazy. It was insane.

    I've missed very few since then. Met scads of cool people. Looking forward to the next one; hope Prime doesn't crash too much.

  • Via Lux St Louis. Had absolutely no idea what was going on most of the time, and I signed up late so I got put on a team with complete strangers.

    Via Noir Chicago was a much more positive experience :)

  • We don’t have any anomalies in it, I’ve been playing for 3 years. This is sad

  • Via Noir in November 2016 in Vilnius

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