Login to Wayfarer with a Google-connected PTC email


that subject sounds complicated, so i try to explain it :)

My girlfriend plays via PokemonTrainerClub (PTC) and got the email from Niantic around four weeks ago that she would be eligible to use the Wayfarer Beta. Hasn't done that yet as you need either a Facebook or Google account to be able to login to Wayfarer.

Now today i remembered that when you create a Google account you can either get a new email with the gmail.com domain or you can use your existing email address to get the Google Account.

So i created a new Google account today with her existing email address (the one she used when signing up to PTC and where she got the invitation to join the Wayfarer Beta) .

But when she tries to login now to Wayfarer (as that email address is now a Google account), she gets the error message ""Account does not exist. Please create an account or login using the email address associated with your existing account."

Is that possible? In my opinion it should as it is a Google account (she can login to Google with that email address and use all the Google tools, at least the ones she tested). Or is my thinking wrong here?

Thanks for any ideas.




  • XK150XK150 ✭✭✭✭

    Your thinking is wrong because you don't understand what a Google account is.

    I don't have time to explain that right now, but I'm sure someone else will come along with an explanation eventually.

  • You need to set the mail or FB as login for PoGo, away from the PTC login.

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