Bug: Key carousel misbehaves when you're holding keys for a recently-removed portal


If you had some keys in your inventory for a portal that was recently removed, but for whom the inventory garbage collectors haven't run yet, the key inventory carousel gets wonky -- the keys that sort adjacent to the removed portal appear multiple times, or else black gaps appear in the middle of the key list.

Device: Pixel 3

OS: Android 10 (QP1A)

Build: 2.35.2-356e76d5


Same key repeated three times (the key shown is for not the removed portal but one right next to it; the lack of photo is not a bug, this particular portal has no photos since the Panoramio shutdown):

Black space in carousel, about three key cards tall (this portal was at the time equidistant from the removed portal):



  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭

    I get that all the time, and I don't have any keys for deleted portals.

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