AP Toplist - November 2019

November update on the toplist available now.

Thx to @MatiasM20 (and some unsung heroes) for gathering the data very fast today.


# Something new on the top? Nope! ;) 

# We have 2 players fighting closely for monthly ap gain. @ruflen (35 Mio, ENL) vs. @moabzomg (32 Mio, ENL). Who will be first next month?

# AP gain ranks 3-5: @DHINDHIN (22 Mio, ENL), @RToxic (22 Mio, RES) and @carpediem1160 (20 Mio, ENL)

# The average ap per agent this month is 5.211.946 Mio. 

# 175 Agents claimed 912.090.717 ap.

# The top countries are Japan (37 agents), Germany (12 agents) followed by Taiwan, China and the USA (7 agents each).

New entries:

145 - @StLuciaXX (400 million, ENL)

166 - @ALLTAXI (376 million, ENL)

# The entry level raised to 370 mio by a narrow of 2 million to the previous month.

Where do i find the list?


How do i join?

If you have more ap than 370 mio or know someone else who does please leave a comment here.

Get in contact

Feel free to add some comments here or just say hello in our telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/DY9H9VD365ieNjwNBXDqLQ

You can make our work easier by joining the agent stats group so we can pull your data every month without pinging you: https://www.agent-stats.com/groups.php?group=54a25da36f7571.74221475


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