Request to developers: Please try playing the game.

It may be a matter of waiting for user feedback to improve it but there is alot more feedback the devs can get themselves if they actually tried to play the game. Also try it on slower phones with 3GB of RAM please, Try playing 2 hours a day, browsing through keys and dropping them and picking them up and trying to find keys in the inventory loading/unloading them from capsules. Try going through capsules of keys and recharge them with a 3GB RAM phone. I urge you to do that if you want to improve Ingress user experience. Many technical problems cannot be reproduced unless you play it for a while.

I wish the devs experienced our daily frustration and how much we swear at this app and how it just freezes at silly unnecessary animations or when trying to get the last glyph hack of a pita portal that you spend a bunch of cash on petrol to get to.

Daily frustration *showstopper* problems for all of us such as Manage button dissapearing and game freezing while going through capsules to find keys and unload them to recharge them (at least 100 of them) while walking around dense portal areas, are all problems not reproducable by steps but only by playing.


  • Thanks, this describes the daily frustration a lot of us suffer trying to have a good time playing our favorite game. 😊

  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thank you. I can't really describe why I curse the app and say many bad words while interacting with it because there are plenty issues stacked, not just one.

    I swear I haven't said that many bad words during 3.5 years of Redacted as I did during just 1.5 months of Prime. And frequency of bad words said isn't getting down with time, unfortunately..

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