Wayfarer Bonus and Home location review area

So I know that the Nominations you get to review are based on your Ingress cell and the 8 surrounding it.

But what about your bonus and home loactions? do you get them just from that cell, or from the 8 around it as well?


  • It’s 1+8 for the bonus location for sure. But I can’t tell if the home/current locations differ, since I set mine at the place I live. I do however get very long range reviews sometimes, from the whole country plus things nearby the border.

  • edited January 2020

    Your Hometown location (not Home location) and your Bonus location use the 9 scoring regions around the pin that you place for them.

    Your play and your Wayfarer Rating defines what area you get other reviews from. Low (Red) or Medium (Yellow) ratings get the 9 scoring regions around any portal that you have interacted with recently. High (Green) ratings get portals from throughout the countries you have interacted with portals in.

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