Access to forums messed up Pogo-Ingress

When the forum first open to us I joined this formum with my Gmail account, It was and to date its my only Scanner login method, I never linked fb to my ingress account. My gmail was used in the past to play pokemon go, same Gmail and same name(Podolsky88) back in the days, I linked my fb account to my pogo account(friendship related) One day, i do not remeber when, i was submitting Ingress Portals(Redacted, Prime) and Pogo Nominations, because I am Pogo 40. In pogo for mistake I unlinked my Gmail account, I was tired and I was on zombie mod, insted of clicking new pokestop I clicked unlink gmail. and accept it. It was not a big deal back then, but now it is.

For some reason I cannot log in this forum using my gmail account, it says an error happend and contact support(Yes those people that are so helpful ;c) In first I though I was banned from forums, then I opened a ticket, and they say that everthing was fine, they told me that if I had issues with gmail log in I could use FB log in, i said NO, i do not have any fb linked, and even showed them my ingress account with no fb linked, they keep saying that and that.

Today after weeks of emails with support I could log in using my Pokemon Go account to this INGRESS forum. I cannot link my original gmail to my pogo account, or my FB to my ingress, both cases end on an error that is already being used, aparently if you play an niantic game with and email, you cannot use that email anymore to all other games, so if you want to play all niantic games you have to create different emails(Oct 2019). Its kind of mess.

And my big concern is that some day i will no be able to access to my scanner using my ingress account just like it happend to this forum. Its really messy, Support cant help me, I stopped messaging them in order to avoid a delete.

So what should I do? @NianticBrian keep accessing to forums using my pokemon account, waiting for some day someone will mess up again and lose access to my scanner?


  • Still not fixed...

  • Hi there,

    It's possible that this is related to a known issue where any change that you make to your login method in one game affects your login methods in other games. Can you share a screenshot of the error message that you're seeing when you try to link back his Google Account in either Pokémon GO or Ingress?

    Please DO NOT unlink your Facebook login.

  • It's extremly strange that they have not updated this forum to also include PoGo-accounts, as they released Wayfarer globally for both games. I searched for a similar forum for PoGo (I'm lvl 13 Ingress, lvl 40 PoGo), but didn't find anything.

  • Hi sorry for the delay, but I could not log in again not even with fb method until today.

    My pogo account says I cannot link my Gmail account because its already in use. But on ingress account I do not have fb linked, I never had. Only Gmail, but gmail cannot be used to login this forum :/ it says something went grong that i had to contact support. Which I already did with no luck.

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