Massive portal relocation

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For a long time i play Ingress in my city, it's not a big city, but we have a population arround of 450k of people.

So, since the age 2nd of Ingress i've been playnig in hard mode, in beginning we had 5 portals, i playing alone more than 3 months, other players rise and we had a good game. I had recruit friends and family to Resistance.

Playing Ingress in my city ever been like the seasons of year, even had a flourishment of new player and fall of many others. We ever lost agents for many kind of issue work, study, disinterest and etc..

I've been a active agent until i had to move to work in other city, but i never was stop use the scanner, many times the scanner was my GPS, i discover many kind of beautiful local, with amazing history, breathtaking florestal parks.

I've been IFS organizator in my town, because i was belive that Niantic need this type of help to rise the number of agents. Me and others fight to have see day that Niantic will bring more portals to our city, making operations, participating of Anomalys... Well, Pokemon Go born and was good in it's essence, a lost my Soujorner medal at the day 568 because i'm palying Pokémon Go. I had use Pokemon Go to bring more agents e relevance for our city and since do age 2nd of Ingress, before Pokémon Go we finally got our saint graal, the portals, many and many portals, to moment we have 1059 portals and i was happy.

But, i can´t blind myself to what the Wayfarer bring to us, the players now are relocating portals as thay will, pushing portal to they homes, moving portals 1km of a local to another just because in other locate don't have much portals than other place. And, you will ask, why the people, the appraiser of wayfarer don´t reject this request? I will answer, beacuse they are friends, they moving e relocating as will and us that had work to have this right, this power of appraise for the good portal, the correct indication, we has being depreciated how wayfarer appraiser, because the right evaluate it's not concordate with the great will of the bad appraisers.

What we can do to this stop?



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