[SitRep] Equinoxe Part 1

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Following up the invitation to post cool sitreps for the 7th anniversary, here is the sitrep for the highlight of my Ingress year. Hope you find it interesting and maybe take something out of it. Cheers!

Equinoxe part 1 sitrep

2019.36 cycle in cells NR13-ROMEO-02 (Surrey, BC and Bellingham, WA), NR13-ROMEO-03 (Vancouver, BC) NR12-ROMEO-01 and NR13-ROMEO-04 (Nanaimo, BC) - barely passing through NR13-ROMEO-00 and NR13-ROMEO-07 (Victoria, BC).

It took a very dedicated team to pull off this op. Agents smuggled keys, stood in the pouring rain for hours, camped on remote islands, climbed mountains, danced to the lost cell signal gods, said OK to be re-routed out of their way for hours…  This is teamwork at its best, and a core part of playing the game we all love, Ingress!

Amazing agents participating, in alphabetical order :

@adomnan, @Agenteighty6, @Baconators, @Calvinthesneak, @captainoblivious, @chunrong, @CrackerNinja, @Cyfer66, @DrSepsis, @EldrenCoralon, @EshamTheUnholy, @Fearlessviking, @Featherhead, @GRANDEYana, @GrimpenMar, @JPRockstar87, @JTSMOG, @KillerQuail, @LordVette, @magemadness, @maj227, @MariceRedbar, @MXXW, @mycatisbetter, @N0rthernWolfe, @NewInWestsyde, @nifffer, @ollietronic, @Oni37, @Oolybooly, @playitloud, @Polygonz, @Pongolyn, @PsiCoTix, @ruggednw, @scottlikesapples, @SixesAndSevens, @skunkmehard, @smith4242, @Tbagger, @thorski, @uudecoder, @waterbaby8391, @wayne107, @Zathas

and some mystery agents...

This operation is also  the story of how a relatively new player (I missed the 6th key locker by a few weeks) can come up with a plan, get support from experienced players, make mistakes, get lucky, and still contribute to hitting CP with a 57-layer, 73m MUs operation.

I hope it inspires other BAF-novice players to plan ops and make them come alive. Some older players say the game is easier than before, and that may very well be true. Take it as an opportunity to go bigger!

I am extremely grateful to all the people who helped and tutored me along the way, as well as to those who ran things come op time and to every agent who participated in one way or another. Spouses, kids and pets also get tons of love as Ingress can be so time consuming.

Oops, I did it again moments :

  • Planning the op for an imaginary CP time
  • Accidentally planning the op at the spine’s busiest day of the year. Welcome, Oyster Run bikers!
  • Initially planning for a 20-minute throw window that actually took closer to an hour and a half

Feel good moments :

  • The moment the draw gets critical traction from local and neighboring regions
  • Visiting local islands to clear blockers. The Pacific Northwest never ceases to amaze me.
  • The adrenaline rush come op time
  • The photos shared between agents during the op. From gorgeous lakes and islands to eerie mausoleum and local dumpster

  • Being a privileged observer to all the efforts and dedication dozens of people can channel. I believe gaming brings us all closer, for a better humanity (More Soul and Mind Improve Civilization)
  • Watching as the final layer out of 57 was successfully thrown with minutes to spare.
  • And of course making CP. Cheers and evil laughs resounded (a few sighs as well) throughout as cell scores vaulted into an insurmountable lead. All your MUs are belong to us!

Do listen to the op’s theme song, a tribute to my youth and to a grandfather of electro! Jean-Michel Jarre Equinoxe Part 1

Agents of all factions, keep making the game fun!

Enlightened agent @Buckwheats35



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