Don’t have failed glyph displays default back to a tap-hack

Option to not have a failed glyph hack default to a tap hack?

Sometimes, when glyph hacking, the game will get stuck in the command prompt. No amount of key/no key/simple/complex displays the glyph, so I’m either stuck waiting for the glyph that may never appear, or canceling out of it, causing the game to act as though I’ve tap-hacked instead.

Is there a way to exit out of a failed glyph hack attempt without it defaulting to a tap-hack?



  • Never seen such an option myself.

    I suggest that entering the glyph "toast" in the command prompt should lead to an automatic, and immediate 10% glyph hack result, with whatever key glyph may have also been entered. You tried to glyph. You entered a glyph. Not your fault the game froze, so thanks for trying.

  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2019

    These propositions are just to add a workaround for a thing that is broken. I think it will be much more effective to fix that thing, so glyph screen doesn't ever freeze on command prompt.

  • I'd expect a bug like this, which was present in redacted, will be very difficult to fix. Probably it is just one of many freezes.

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