[Situation Report] Sweet 16

2019-11-11 0200 UTC

Layers for checkpoint: 15

MU made CP: 2,290,386

Minutes lost to technical difficulties: 15

Number of times Ingress was rebooted: we lost count

Number of times phone were rebooted: 3

Total layers: 20

Total MU: 3,163,529

Participating Agents: 4





This OP came about because availability lined up. After some brainstorming and figuring out what we could do the discussion led to figuring out what keys we had. Once we figured that out, we got the keys that we needed and started watch intel and wait for our time to go.

Everything was ready to go and we all arrived at our assignment on time. We began to execute with plenty of time but very soon we started to run into problems. @NianticBrian (sorry but I chose someone randomly from NIA) please pay attention to this next part. First issue that started is that as anchors were being built, agents could not see any open links, even though the lanes were open and there was nothing blocking. Portals were high enough level. Agents started to reboot Ingress Prime, but issues only started to get worse. After multiple reboots, reports started come back that agents were now having trouble getting portals and/or existing links to load. The surrounding ground around agents was not showing anything. The next step in troubleshooting that agents reported was that an attempt to **** any other apps that were running were killed. Agents still reported that Ingress Prime was not properly loading. Finally after agents started to reboot their phones reports came back that Ingress started to slowly load. Not all portals loaded properly... We decided to start moving forward to try and save time. All of sudden Ingress started to load!

We kept working to get all of the anchors deployed and finished. A few hiccups came up while attempting to complete the field. We kept working to get everything up and managed to complete all planned layers about 30 minutes after checkpoint.

P.S. If Niantic has a way that logs can be provided or a way to have more detailed information if they feel it will be helpful please let me know.


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