Do upgrades even work anymore?

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When it was still called OPR, upgraded submissions never took more than 5 days in my area (Hamburg, Germany). But ever since OPR was changed into Wayfarer, things seem to have changed drastically. We’re already waiting more than 3 weeks for any upgraded submissions and nothing seems to be moving forward at all. I currently have around 30 active submissions, 7 of them upgraded, 20 of them In Voting. Oldest one from over 5 months ago.

Curiously, players from the neighbor Level 6 cell (~20 km from here) receive results within about a week of submitting without even using an upgrade.

So I wondered, do upgrades even work anymore?

How is it in your area? Do upgrades really still make a difference and get results faster for you? Or is the turnaround time about the same for upgraded and non-upgraded submissions nowadays?


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  • It seems a bit random to me. At home in Oslo, Norway non upgraded portals often go into voting faster than upgraded portals.

    Same has happened here in Cameroon. Got two into voting. They were submitted after the ones I used upgrade on and still are in the queue.

    But in Lisbon I finally got a nomination i submitted during anomaly in February into voting stage now after using an upgrade on it.

  • i've had 22 upgrades so far and haven't noticed any real difference in the speed of review unless its on a submission I make in London. It reduces the review time of London submissions from around 2 months down to around 1 week.

  • I recently made five submissions. One of them got upgraded recently, the rest haven't been,

    Four of them are in voting. One is still "in queue".

    Guess which one's still in queue?

    ...If you said "the one you upgraded", give yourself a cookie!

  • Since I hit 12 in January, 95% of my portal approvals have been because of upgrades. They work, they just take a few days.

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    I'm in Hamburg Germany too, and got 3 "stucked in queue" upgrades since 3 weeks. Really frustrating and it kills the motivation to review.

  • I think the change you're thinking of is PoGo getting nomination rights. Which now that they have review rights, should ease that backlog.

  • It keeps automatically applying my upgrades without letting me choose...

  • Had 11 stuck in queue, 2 in voting. All upgraded. Support doesn't really answer, says "Well, it's the system BLAH BLAH everything is fine.".

    Withdrew them now to resumbit. Tired of seeing nothing happen in my queue while people around me getting their submission through the system in less than a week. There go 13 upgrades to the waste. Oh well, got 10 waiting anyway - if the system uses them because it didn't do that so far, had a bunch of upgrades waiting, but couldn't use them, only new ones I got.

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    I had exactly the same experience submitting 5 in the same park on the same day. The one I upgraded was the last to go into voting and the last to go live.

  • The only means you have of choosing which candidate will be upgraded is to select "upgrade next" on one of them. Otherwise it is and always had been random.

  • That is such a terrible system. Should be able to choose which one it goes to.

  • Another week has passed with no progress on my upgraded nominations at all.

    I wish Niantic would investigate into this... Upgrades appear to be completely useless at the moment.

  • Its way slower in WayFarer despite having more voters

    I personally feel like Wayfarer is broken somehow

    In OPR I have over 2000 agreements, and over 50 portals discovered with a Great rating

    In WayFarer I keep getting cool down warnings and tonight was the weirdest of all; I dropped from Great to Poor.... how is that even possible?

  • Yet another week has passed without any submission moving forward. This is getting ridiculous.

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    Awwweee. Until just recently when they force cleared out the old stuff, I'd been waiting since 2014 for some portal subs to even have a response. So a few weeks? I really don't feel too sorry for you. I still have a few outstanding ones that were subbed over a year ago that are still pending. Not sure why a church takes over a year to accept or reject?

    Also, when they cleared out the older portal subs, no emails were sent to say they were rejected. You can only see it via the Wayfarer website.

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    Oh, I do not complain about non-upgraded ones as they have always been taking forever in my area. It’s the upgraded submissions that have become a problem. Upgrades were always fast on OPR (even after submissions were enabled for Pokémon GO), but now aren't anymore since Wayfarer launched, even though there are MUCH more reviewers in the system than ever before. Upgrades seem non-functional at this point.

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  • They finally fixed the issue with upgrades being stuck and not used on new nominations. \x_x/

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    It depends of the area.

    In paris non upgraded are never reviewed, upgraded ones only takes few months.

    So it works here.

  • No need to upgrade but waypoint works well in the countryside, it only takes 2 days to get an accepted submission

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    Oh hey, another week without any submissions moving forward for anyone in my area. And upgrades still seem to have no effect. Already more than 6 weeks without anything happening. Before this, upgraded submissions took less than a week to get a result.

    How can Niantic be contacted about this? I just want to know whether or not there has been an intentional change to how upgrades work. I still suspect this might be a bug introduced during the migration from OPR to Wayfarer. 🤔 Thanks.

  • kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭

    thats broken. Sorry an upgrade should be no more than 2 weeks. If it is taking even months for upgrades that means you have no reviewers or the system is full of coal and people have no incentive to vote. In my area upgrades were taking about a week before wayfarer. now it seems to be approaching 2 weeks for some submissions.

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    Weekly update: Still no updates. Multiple upgraded submissions from June still in voting. Multiple upgraded submissions from between August and November still in queue. Ofc also still no hope for non-upgraded submissions. Nothing is moving forward.

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  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    Same, @Buoysel! I made a few nominations ~ November 25 timeframe that I started using upgrades on because they were important to me. I knew they would take a while, since they started in queue, but one of those nominations still remains in queue while a nomination I made a few days ago is already in voting.

    I've received 10 upgrades since then. I've been putting them mostly on nominations that are aged over a few months going hoping they would just need a little more push to get approved/denied, but they haven't budged. I haven't reviewed the last few days - doesn't seem like a point.

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