I still didn't receive anomaly badge

I was at Dresden anomaly as part of RTB team. I paid my ticket the day it launched and also I hacked 13 portal (actually more then 150) inside the box within anomaly window. One week after badges being pushed (I didn't get one) I have opened the ticket within Niantic Support. Few hours later they told me to contact Anomaly POC which I did immediately. He told me that he will ask what is happening and we will stay in contact. After one week (felt like month) I ask him for any update and he told me that they didn't open form yet for the POCs. And again I waited for one week (felt like another month). At that point I started to lose my patience mainly because I started being afraid that I'm not going to get the badge at all. I opened again ticket and also sent question on Twitter tagging Niantic Help. Still no answer after 3 days. I don't anticipate they fix it immediately I just want that they acknowledge there is a problem and they are working to fix it. Can anyone please tell me what to do next.

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