Ingress in Montreal Area is sick since the end of the anomaly, because of PoGo players' illegal game

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Hi Ingress Community,

Because I'm one of the moderators of the Montreal ENL community, one of those who truly thought Montreal couldn't get back an anomaly without a Xfaction Community years ago, when both factions' players were telling me "No it's over to try something with these players/cheaters/whatever, I don't want to be part of it...", and finally as one of the 2 ENL PoCs who took care of the Myriad Anomaly in July, gave by NIA to Montreal because of our good work managing Xfaction events, as the double events "IFS & Mission Night" gather around 100 people during winter, it's my responsibility to share publicly our spoofing, multiaccounts, issues in Montreal area, since trying to solve it in background seems not working at all...

Maybe some will see "Ingress drama" here, but here is the last fact which happened few hours ago.

Facts related by ENL agent JDChicago:

Hoping face to these facts, something will be done, because not all RES players appreciate this gameplay, we talk a lot with them in Xfaction IFS, and only few are taking advantage of this. Not necessary to share their Ingress names, they know who they are, when blue links appear right after the spoofers destroy green links, or when it's about request to destroy green multilayers, HPs.

Sad days in our area these last months, really sad after all we've done to get a good community of players, blue and green... :o(


  • Albany saratoga area are also affected by this cheating spoofing nonsense... I've stood in front of someone i know in the game locally and watched them claim a portal in northern vermont.....

  • I hope they ban this guy.

  • We are having same issues all over NR02-HOTEL-03 and nobody seems to care 👍 enjoy the spoofer salad guys

  • Problem solved. The discussion on this subject can be closed.

    Thank you for your attention, and thanks Niantic.

  • Duke, it's not about ask to a teammate, it's ask to someone who is not physically there. It's about green and blue bar codes who play as one person (what was the case). Anyway we could discuss on many events where I can show you proofs.

    This HP upgraded with or without the agreement of "his owner" was just one between many facts, nothing else.

  • @2Floyd Please email me for an unrelated topic.

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  • As a former Barcode Agent, I can attest that many like to use the barcode name to hide who they are. I did it after flipping sides to conceal myself from my ex. Myself and another Barcode Agent have chased a barcode Agent of the opposite faction down an empty street with nobody in front of us. We both reported the agent and the account was banned. If you’re reporting the spoofer, but not getting the results of that account getting the ban hammer, communicate with your nearest Vanguard and give your conversation ID number to them that Niantic gave you. Sometimes escalating the ticket can help. But forwarding the information to Niantic is up to the Vanguard if they want to help or not. It’s never guaranteed that they will help out, but it doesn’t hurt to at least try.

  • We happen to have a Vanguard in our area that has been instrumental in alleviating a few serious spoofer situations. We are aware of the new TR system. It’s new. It’s hasn’t always been the predetermined manner in which these situations were to be handled, and found our Vanguard was willing to elevate some of the tickets for us.

  • Hey,

    In fact I did that, and when I wrote "since trying to solve it in background seems not working at all..." was exactly what you were talking about. I send to our nearest green Vanguard around 45 tickets reports.

    And it was only when this post came out that we got a result.

    However, we already spotted some new accounts which have been created in the same area, playing and doing the same actions than the previous ones... And one of this new account is already level 8 in 4 days.....even the snow storm here. But well... Not a big deal anyway.

    We will see what's happens next if more accounts come out...

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    I'm your nearest RES Vanguard ( I'm not pretty far in KM also ) and I can tell you we also reported the hell out of those spoofer on the RES side.

    We were pretty tired of being accused of using the spoofer to our advantage when that basically meant that we had to scroll through all destroyed portal in the last couple of day before linking something and stop operation due to a spoofer messing with our plan.

    I have myself reported that spoofer in the last couple of month + all your report could have resulted to a widespread investigation and such an investigation would have take time to complete: unless you want real agent to get the ban.

    Rest assured that we will be fighting all the cancer affecting the montreal region: Spoofer, Scraper, backpack account and multi accounter.


  • What is the “pogo players’ illegal game?”

  • I’ve been wondering who is your nearest green vanguard ?

  • The only things 2floyd has achieved with his original post full of inacurate so called facts about my home portal is violating the TOS himself for Diffame and now Enl spoofers are active themselves so he has contributed to make the game even sicker, way to go! There are spoofers on both sides and they ruin the gave for everyone no point accusing in all comm, you just make matters worse and even more so with that post on Reddit.

  • Especially multiaccounts, since it's something which is tolerate in PoGo, but completely frowned upon in Ingress...

  • Hi Armadyl,

    First of all, which diffame are you talking about?

    Secondly, I REALLY want to know which ENL spoofers you are talking about? Especially talking about those I would activate...?..

    Because I tell you, and I will telling it to everyone, as one of the Xfaction modo, I really need to know which Spoofer agents you are talking about, to report them.

    Finally if you are talking about the one named "momie2" and who talked to you with strong words on the 13th of November, as you already know it, it was another green account created by the same spoofer, previously called "KM" by K4l3v here, and banned in the same day. Account created in the only aim to diffame one of our agent, by writing in the COMM as him.

    I really don't know why you are so mad against my work since I'm playing in your neighborhood, really...

    So stop complain and lying when you're saying "I contributed to make the game even sicker". I know there is Spoofers on both side, we talked for hours together when I came in the game, trying to get all the point of views from both side on the Montreal Ingress background.

    At the end I'm just an agent who succeed, with those who trust in my work (thanks again to QueenOfNonSense, Xfaction community really miss you right now.. ), to bring back both factions together in a Xfaction community, get events in Montreal, for INGRESS PLAYERS, not for ENL only, and you were part of the Myriad Anomaly too.

    So please don't be mad if YES the spoofer pass by your place to upgrade your HP, and that on the many screenshots posted in the initial Reddit post, it's the one of your HP which appears as the link to the Reddit page. I'm not responsible for that, and I'm sorry if some agents mix your actions to the spoofer's ones.

    You're not a spoofer, I know there is cheaters on both sides, but currently the most visible Montreal's spoofer is well-known and unfortunately blue.

    To finish, if your memory is short, I was also on the back of another well-known spoofer ENL agent located in Ste-Julie few months ago... So much on his back that he appeared with one of his green multiaccounts to block me in my neighborhood, throwing derp links. But it was easier to get his accounts banned, without public posts like this one, since we were in the same faction. 😉

  • This guy ingresses

  • I am not lying nor will I waste time arguing with you nor your ego, I report spoofers and let Niantic do it's job. You guys started this by making a Reddit post against me and so called cheaters with so called "proof" and by attacking me in comms ( yes Khmorr, you ) and you will regret those mistakes (all while respecting the TOS).

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    "You guys started this by making a Reddit post against ME"....."I am not lying nor will I waste time arguing with you nor your EGO"...

    I let people understand who between us think he has the bigger one tho.

    No more comments.


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  • The reasons I dont want to waste time interacting with 2floyd :

    1) Because going public in Reddit and forums with allegations like he did is wrong and Mtl Res has said that many time to Mtl Enl over the years. It would as wrong to Diffame anyone in real life in the press for criminal suspicions instead of going to the cops and let them do their job. In some countries, ppl have died because of fake allegations on Facebook about their next door neighbor, mob justice is wrong.

    2) Because 2floyd is not Niantic, he is simply a speaker for a lot of Enl that keep accusing players of cheating (without a real case most of the time) over the years and it is just too time consuming for most players and it is Niantic's job in the first place.

    3) Because the so called sucess of the past with QueenOfNonSense is only good from his point of view. It never stopped cheating or fixed the original problem, it only divided Mtl Res and made us weaker. 2floyd has no absolute control over some of the worse players on his side nor us. If someone cheats or acts like a real ****, it is Niantic job to deal with it if the community cannot influence that person to stop (and we don't need 2floyd for that).

     4) The Res QC community has always encouraged its members to play by TOS and took actions against those that didn't yet we have no absolute power over those that don't except removing them from our Slack (and we dont need 2floyd for that).

    5) The result of this mob justice with that post on November 10th  : a few suspicious accounts were banned and A LOT of legit players got banned as well and their appeal refused and Niantic didn't even told them why. Many feel that mob justice is the way to go nowadays (how sad). Some of the most frustrated players talked about how a 1 star campaign would be as fair a treatment as the way this whole issue was dealt with (how sad as well).

    So basically the recent wave of spoofing (for which QC Res has no power to stop except to tell its members not to do it) was followed by a mass ban of a lot of accounts, the majority of which did nothing wrong and don't even know the reason of their ban. A big mess.

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