Niantic - how to make money from Anomalies

OK so - from the fiasco of last anomaly series, I hope Niantic has learned that charging for anomalies themselves will never work.

What you CAN do is the following

An anomaly capsule.

Anyone registered for an anomaly can buy an anomaly capsule. It holds up to 2,000 items at zero weight. It is buyable from say, 2 weeks before the anomaly.

Before the anomaly, you can ONLY load kit into it. Once kit is in there, you can't have it back.

After the anomaly is over, you can ONLY unload kit from it. You can't re-load kit.

A week after the anomaly, the capsule vanishes, taking with it any kit you haven't unloaded.

Judging by the difficulty so many people have finding people to take their non-anomaly kit before an event, this could help a lot of people, and I suspect a good percentage of anomaly-goers would take advantage of it if it was priced right.


  • Given that Anomalies are costly to set up and run, I don't see anything unreasonable about having an admission fee. But that aside, this is a very interesting idea. Folks who carry a lot of keys or other gear for regular play often have problems swapping out for the Anomaly, and this would give people a way to essentially switch from regular play to "Anomaly mode" without being game breaking. (It's a convenience, but doesn't really get around the 2000 item limit in a tactical context.) It could also be Lore-rationalized as a micro-Anomalous zone - a temporary "bubble" created by a chaotic XM infusion that constructively interferes with the emerging XM Anomaly into which XM constructs can be placed, but that is unstable and cannot be maintained at the energies available to the XM scanner for long once the Anomaly has passed. Perhaps OLW is working on it even as we speak....

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm sure I've proposed exactly this kind of locker on at least one previous occasion. :-) I may not have said Niantic could charge money for it, however.

    I'd buy one.

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