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Hope you can give advice as there appears to be no mechanism to appeal this type of situation? We have a brand new Public Library in town and I have submitted portals at the site. They continue to be "not accepted" as they do not appear on Google Maps. I'm not sure how long it will take for Google Maps to update their maps so the library will appear? Have tweeted @NianticHelp a video of the site but there is no response. What should I do in this situation as a new nomination is not a solution as it will just continue to be "not accepted" because it does not appear on the map? @NianticBC

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  • @NianticMP - are you the admin who handles appeals? Or should I be tagging a different moderator? I tagged @ NianticBC as that was the 1st name appearing alphabetically.

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    How do I create a photosphere? @TheFarix

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    Thx @Rangerpdx

    I created a bunch of photospheres at the new address of 211 Cross Road in Dartmouth, MA 02747 and uploaded them to google maps. So does the photosphere alert google maps of a new address/building? Now, I just wait for google maps to update? Then watch to see when it is updated showing the building and resubmit the nominations?

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    Every single map was rejected? So what do I do next? I used the 360 camera for your phone feature as well. There's something called IRfanview which converts a single photo to the format google maps prefers but I must do that from a computer. Going to try doing that. Here is the view from the street at 211 Cross Road, North Dartmouth, MA 02747.

    Here is a dropbox link to the many panoramas capturing the view from Cross Road but also the view along the long access road & parking lot.:

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  • These 5 nominations have been rejected.

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    I resubmitted this one before understanding that it looks like there is no way within the current system to add portals to this newly constructed public library which does not appear on Google maps. It's very disappointing. Am fully expecting a non-acceptance on this 6th nomination. Does anyone know of an appeal process or some sort of avenue to address the issue of new construction not appearing on Google maps standing in the way of portal approval? Anyone from Niantic out there?

  • I saw and rejected the pathway to knowledge bench. You took a picture of a slab of granite. You didn't put no supporting picture for any signage showing where or why it was the pathway of knowledge. I zoomed in and no inscription. Seriously, retake the pictures during the day for better light at a minimum. The public library probably has a website to verify the address which should go in your support statement.

  • Also, why did you label the new North Branch of the Darmouth Public Library "When in doubt, go to the library"?

  • @sophielab named it "When in Doubt, Go to the Library" because there are 2 other older North Dartmouth libraries in town with "north" in the name. One which is simply an historic site from the 1700s & one which is from the 1950s in other locations across town. Was trying to avoid confusion.

  • @sophielab Thanks for the feedback. The bench is in the middle of a winding path walking up a hill to the library. It's not on the road but easily accessed from the parking lot above outside the library. I have noticed many wayspots which are benches. While this is not a wooden bench, it is a more modern granite bench along a pathway to the library. There are no sidewalks on the roadway up to the library and this is the intended public walkway up the hill. Plus it is in another S2 cell away from the library entrance. It looked like a safe public walkway gathering spot at the halfway point between the street below & the library above. I should have walked back down the hill & took the picture of the full pathway for an uphill or downhill


    Yes, I have since learned that pics in the rain, on cloudy or snowy days, at dusk, or at night are not approved even though there are many existing wayspots with photos like that in the system.

  • @sophielab there is no public website to verify the address, only this:

  • I only actually saw the bench in Wayfarer so I can't give you input on how rest appeared but the resolution on some of my own subs looks lower on the nomination list than my camera.

    It under location on that page. Yes, people can find it. Use the same title the town gives it North Branch to differentiate it against the South branch.

    The library is an excellent suggestion. You just have to help people find it.

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    Thanks! @sophielab

    Still lots to learn here for me, which I love! Hec, i had no idea there was an app called Google Street View until this discussion. I tend to be upbeat & view every failed nomination (or failure in general) as an opportunity to discover more. I do admit, however, it is disappointing when you submit an ideal wayspot and it fails. But there are always new chances for more nominations after the 13 day wait, I think? It does say "may" in the language which can be a maybe. So we'll see, eh? =)

    The funniest rejected nomination for me was the one where the reviewer said it contained a body part and it clearly did not. 0.o

    The saddest one for me was a picture I had taken in 2013 being rejected as not mine. It is a beautiful moment at the beginning of the dedication day of the sun rising behind the bench & tree. My personal picture of a memorial peace tree & bench for the victims & first responders of the Boston Marathon bombing is not believed to be mine. Next time I will submit a less scenic one. :(

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