Incorrect handling of the cyrillic letters Й and й in the nomination confirmation emails

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I noticed that all portal submission and review emails from nominations(at) incorrectly replace the cyrillic letter й with и (and respectively captial Й with captial И). However, in the scanner and on the intel map everything seems to be fine. These are different letters of the alphabet in the Russian language, they are pronounced differently and the distinction is important in spelling. The emails look really clumsy because of that. These incorrect replacements can be seen in the email subject, the purple header with the portal name and in the email body.

For example, back in September 2019 I submitted a portal named "Нармонский дом культуры". The confirmation email said "Нармонскии" instead of "Нармонский", however the intel and the scanner correctly say "Нармонский". I'm 100% sure that the original submission said "Нармонский" and the portal wasn't renamed ever since. Please see the screenshots below where I highlighted the incorrect spelling with red ovals and the correct spelling with green ovals:

Just in case, here's a link to the portal:,49.298184&z=17&pll=55.491715,49.297874

Other agents in the community also pointed out they experienced similar issues where the emails had the incorrect spelling but in the scanner and on the intel map everything was fine.

Hope this gets addressed at some point, this will please a lot of agents in Russia and other Russian-speaking communities. I'll be happy to provide more examples at the request.

Thanks in advance!



  • This is a known problem. German letters with umlaut are also replaced in emails by letters without umlaut, but only in emails

  • Cyrillic letter Ё (which is a separate letter in the alphabet, not an "e" with umlaut) is also handled incorrectly (both in upper and lower case).

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