Some Ways to draw Osiris

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I have been asked many times on how to draw Osiris in the scanner so i decided to do a quick little guide to three ways you can do it with the last one not being suggested if you are looking for a speed hack. Note, there are actually many more ways you can draw Osiris and you can flip any of these ways to to do them in the opposite direction but i didnt want to have a huge guide that would confuse everyone. The first set is how it formed in the video at Chicago, the second is what ive noticed agents are finding as the easiest way, and the third is simply being creative in how you make the glyph and not suggested if you are trying to get bonus's

Again these are not the only way to do this glyph but just examples of how you can draw it in your scanners.


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    2nd seems the optimal as you don't go back.

    (That's how I do it)

  • In general, there are 2 different types of Glyphs:

    • those that end at a different point (eg. Simple, Message, Data, Clear) and
    • those who end at the same point (eg. Truth, All, Accept, Body)

    As the Osiris-Glyph is of the latter category, it can be drawn in as least as many ways as the number of points it contains.

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